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The advice really does help!

I came back to Fiverr about a month ago and posted a gig expecting jobs to just start rolling in! I quickly found that nothing came. Not a peep. Not really any views or clicks or anything! So I started doing some research on how to best use the Fiverr website.

I came across a lot of advice that normally doesn’t help on other site’s engine optimization, but thing is…this advice actually did help. I think it’s because Fiverr is so hugely people controlled and not so much algorithm controlled.

I started getting active on the website, posting on the forum, staying “online” for most of the day, and responding to buyer requests. And after only a day of doing this, the views and clicks on ALL of my gigs went up! I was amazed. This site is truly different than others and I’m excited to unlock more of it’s potential.

Anyways, let me hear your guys’ stories! I want to hear how YOU have found advice on Fiverr to be helpful!

Thanks for reading!



Thanks Chris - glad to hear you’re doing so well! No hearts left so have a :hamburger: instead!

It’s really nice to hear such a positive experience! :sunny:


Wow are there a limits on hearts? I wasn’t aware of that! Haha thanks for the replacement! :joy: