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The Algorithm Change - Get Over It

I thought about writing this post on my own blog (maybe I still will LOL) but thought it would make more sense to just write it here.

I am a voice actor and a voice over marketing coach. Since the end of last year (2017) up until now April (2018), a lot of complaining has been going on about the changes that fiverr has mad to its algorithm and how it has made things harder. Heck, even I was a level 2, got knocked back to new seller, now a level 1, back on the way to level 2 :slight_smile:

I literally what to shake some people about this. Fiverr is a platform where, FOR FREE mind you, you can offer products and services to their client base and pay a small commission to fiverr for the opportunity.

I have been telling people for months that, “you don’t own fiverr”. Besides that, running a freelance business is hard work. Those willing to do the work (a lot of it) will win. Instead of complaining about how fiverr changed the rules, learn how to work within the ecosystem and win.

I don’t look at fiverr as a platform that owes me anything. They provide an opportunity to make more money.

If this was easy every freelancer would be self-employed make 6 figures+.

If we complain less and understand that algorithms will change (this is not the last). It is up to us to adapt and realize the focus here is on the client experience first.

That is all. :slight_smile:


I don’t either. We complain here so that we can hopefully, as a group, find ways to improve our gigs and selling methods, as well as support each other. It’s not a reflection of feeling entitled to anything. It’s a productive way to compare notes and find solutions.


Welcome to the forum.


This is not a place where we are only allowed to say happy positive things.
If we have a problem with something then talking about it with others might bring a solution.
When I post that my sales are down, I want to see if:

  1. others have the same problem
  2. ask what they may be doing to correct it
  3. get moral support
  4. work together to brainstorm ways to improve

Thanks. Glad to be here

Hi Misscrystal,

That is what should happen. If we have solutions or ideas we should offer them But to complain just for the sake of complaining does no one any good. Im glad to see you “get that” :slight_smile:

Nice to meet you by the way :slight_smile:


Nice to meet you too! Thank you for posting this.

I’ve successfully navigated every change that has come along since I’ve been active on the forum. It’s an invaluable tool if you use it correctly.
I’ve found solutions for every problem here.

If we never talk about problems, how can we find the solutions? I’m very grateful for the forum and the free exchange of information here.


I was just about to say that,

@earlhallvo I believe its totally normal to get stuffs off our chest, it is similar to when will talk to a friend about the bad day we had :slightly_frowning_face: , apparently we know they cant change the ‘bad day’ we had, but it makes us feel a lot better, prepare, and hope for better days ahead. :slightly_smiling_face:


Amen!! I agree!! Focus on what you can control!

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Or do you mean ‘Focus on what you can cantrol’ ?
why will i want to focus on what i can not control :roll_eyes:


I hear you :slight_smile:


I agree with this. It is also a way to get frustrations off our chests in a way that we hope others would be more empathetic to. Any changes to the system as a whole affects everyone, so if one person is negatively affected, chances are, many others are as well.


I don’t see it as the platform being provided for free. They take 20% of my money, that’s not free. 20% of my tips. And they also take a fee from buyers. So they get paid by both buyer and seller for each order. Think about that.

That being said, I am still very glad to be part of it, because I do get additional work from it. It is very annoying when your business falls off because they change the formula. But you often can’t do much. So you just have to live with it and hope the next change benefits you.

Fiverr is a great place to earn, but very unpredictable.


Yes. I do get stressed out by this at times and this is a good way to relieve it for me while also hopefully finding some answers. It’s really a fantastic resource that helps me all the time.

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I think what he means by this is that unlike many other writer/client platforms, Fiverr doesn’t charge you a fee for the ability to make money on their site.

I can’t mention the name of one popular site that does this, but when I went to work for them, I learned that I need to pay 12-36 dollars just for the opportunity to connect with a potential client. So, yeah. I am glad I am able to work without having to pay an upfront cost.


All the sites I know that charge me to connect with clients, don’t get a percentage.

I prefer to give a percent of every sale than have to pay upfront and not get the client.


Oops. Focus on what you can control

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Thought as much, :+1:

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