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THE ANALYTICS PAGE: Completed Orders X Average Selling Price


Try this experiment:

Completed Orders X Average Selling Price = Total Sales

Then do this:

Total Sales X .80 (80%) = Total Earnings

Does total earnings from this match what is shown on the analytics page?


Yes - Absolutely correct - My earning is matching :slight_smile:


Now take TOTAL EARNINGS divided by TOTAL COMPLETED ORDERS = Average selling price

Does this equal your AVERAGE SELLING PRICE as it is shown?


yes - exactly same - :slight_smile:


No, not exactly matching.


Mine was about $1000 off. Also this morning my amount in TOTAL EARNINGS went backwards $4000.


My total earning has $100 missing. :confused: ( Based on YOUR calculation )

Some :bug: may be…


I was curious to see if anyone else had figures that didn’t compute correctly. Thanks to all.


Yes ! I was around 70$ short by doing above calculation !

Plus the calculation you said in the middle of comments about average order revenue is not corrected for me .Its around 36 but my actual average is 40.69$/order


To get the average order sale price they take all your orders you ever got, add them up, then divide by total number of orders. So that number is low for everyone.


@misscrystal its mean Fiverr consider our stats without adding 20% fee. Like our average value /order and also the total earning in Fiverr record is not what it is show on our dashboard it is without 20% !

Let suppose, a good seller total earning value in his account dashboard is 40K$ but deducted 20% but in Fiverr record its actually 50K$ and Fiverr consider this value when ever they made decision to make any seller TRS or Featured or etc !

Thats why I noticed when ever you see the screenshot of your earning/ month send by success manager is always more than that you earned in that month ! what do you think ?

Plus when ever you mention your total earning you add 20% in that earning or you think its not yours as this is Fiverr Fee but the fact is you earned that 20% fist then system deducted from each order so what would you say when you showcase your earning let suppose by adding 20% or without 20% :slight_smile:


Total earnings is after they take out 20% on the Analytics page. They do not include their 20% in your total earnings.

Total sales X 80% = Total earnings.


@misscrystal I understand about this ! but according to fact you earning that 20% also.

Its mean any seller that earned 10K$ can actually say that he earned 12K$ .


No he did not earn $12000. He earned what he can keep.

He earned $10,000 and fiverr earned $2000.


Do you not consider this 20% as a bill or fee ! Same like electricity bill or gas bill so this is Fiverr bill which you are paying from your earning ! :slight_smile: We can see this scenario from other side of the coin :slight_smile:



It is a partnership. Your share is 80% in the partnership. Fiverr’s share is 20%.

Fiverr earned 20%. Fiverr does 20% of the work for each sale.


Yes that correct answer of the question. Thats the partnership program ! 80% will be in seller pocket!


Mark this note : Few sellers gigs are coming in “Feature ad section”. So they are giving extra commission for ad section of gig :slight_smile:


Whats your prospective on this question ? @fast_editing What you will say, If someone ask you " how much you earned from Internet ? You will explain him I earned this and then I give 20% commission or you simply will say I total earned this including 20% commission?


I will say - What i got earned - All commission is not my earning - That commission is Fiverr earning not mine - !!

Suppose to be - I completed - 2350 Orders till date - and My average selling ratio is more than “double digit” So i calculated that base on - and Result was exactly same as what i earned :slight_smile: If someone getting not matched to their earnings. They should figure out all commission first, Which you have given to fiverr then you’ll get CORRECT result :slight_smile: