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The "Available Now" feature giving a tough time to Established Sellers

The Sellers who Enjoyed A large Number of “sales in Queue” are the Biggest Victims of “Available Now” feature. There is No Doubt the Buyers want & Prefer the Available & online sellers to get there work done Quick & Easily.
The “Available Now” feature badly affected the Established sellers including me, I used to have around 10 “orders in Queue” but now i am not visible to The Buyers under the Available Now feature. I will be only visible if I have less than 5 orders in Queue. I would suggest the Fiverr to make the Limit 10 instead of “5 orders in Queue” to make it easy for the Old & Established sellers.


I think your concerns are premature. It’s still in beta, as in not available to me. If you have it turned on, I am not able to see it.

I believe only a small fraction of sellers/buyers can use it or see it. I do not believe your sales have anything to do with this feature.

If I’m not mistaken, available now is indicating able to “chat now,” not “work now.”


I am surprised that nothing has changed with available now. Sellers like me can’t use it because of orders in queue which never started and if we get those canceled, we’re still not able to use it due to the impact on our cancellation rates. Plus, lower order completed rates will kill regular business at the same time.


I have not noticed a difference in sales since the feature was introduced.

I don’t really foresee this feature making people rush to buy a gig like some sellers were hoping. If anything, it might just attract buyers who want lots of attention :slight_smile:


You are probably exactly right about this.

I get the impression that the Available Now feature is actually being tested as a way for new sellers to be seen. New sellers are often waiting around for work, whereas the established sellers are usually busy, and have enough work that they don’t need to be waiting around.


Mh, if I want to activate it, I need to tick a box for: “I will reply to messages in under 5 mins and start orders right away” (and yes, it says “mins” :wink: )


Oops. Thanks for that.

Edit: Already having 10 orders in queue makes it even less possible to work on a new order NOW. Well, at least not without neglecting the clients already there.


You got that right. Just for the New Seller to have some crumbs of the bread. :grinning:

You make it sound like us veteran sellers are hoarding all of the great work, and only passing along second-hand scraps to the new sellers. That’s not at all how Fiverr works. Everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed – dependent entirely upon how proactive they are in building their success.


I feel the veteran seller are more trusted by the buyers.

Give it time - you’ll be veteran after a while as well! :slightly_smiling_face:


Isn’t this how business is supposed to work?

Everyone wants to make an income doing what they love, but in order to be successful, sellers have to prove their skills and their worth. New sellers haven’t done that yet. They are at the beginning of the path veteran sellers have already walked. Veteran sellers have earned their reputation through hard work. You can do the same – with the same kind of hard work. But you can’t complain about others who have gotten further on that path to success than you have, because they have already earned their success.

Work hard, market, promote, and prove your worth just like they did, and some day, you may be a trusted veteran seller as well. :slight_smile:

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