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The "Available Now" Make me seem available even when I'm not What!

Today I wake up this morning to find that I received a message from a client which is normal the odd thing that when I reviewed the notification it says that “you received an available now message respond within two-minutes to avoid being penalized”
what is odd about this notification :
1- is that it sent even when my "Available Now "button was off and I was offline
2- What being penalized even mean? Does anyone have an answer to that,
Thanks in advance,
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Were you logged in on another device?

“Being penalized” in this case, AFAIK means you won´t be able to use that button for 30 days.
If you are sure your ‘available now’ button was turned off, it might be good to move this post to the Report a Bug category, and to send a ticket to Customer Support too, if you haven´t done so yet.


It can happen that you need to refresh your page after you’ve switched it off, otherwise it still stays as being on, which isn’t much help! :slightly_smiling_face:

No, I wasn’t, even my phone was off