The ´´average´´ day finally came true


I was looking for my gig under different tags and didn´t find it.
When I finally did, tada! It shows my average sales price.

So yup is real and definitely not cool!
BUT on the other hand, it helps me evaluate better my competition… (right?)
Still not sure how to feel about it, so much to process here.


I don’t really get the point of this ‘Average Sales’ feature. No word on Fiverr about its usefulness and I see none right now. Why would a buyer care what your average sales price is? ‘Starting At’ made so much more sense and made sure everyone is fair, now, if a seller’s average is higher buyers will turn away on a first glance, which they have been doing. Apart from the messed up search results, we now have to deal with this. And because it is average it means the front-end prices (prices buyers see on glance) will fluctuate throughout the month as sales and deliveries go up and down.


It is confusing. I´ve been doing some research checking gigs within my category.

I saw gigs with average sells going from $10 to $40 and after clicking the gig realizing the gig ´´original price´´ was over $50 or even $125.

What the heck? Why would you under quote? I thought the gig price was the starting price.
On the other hand, I also noticed the opposite but not on a huge scale. Gigs valued on $10, with the average selling of $20 or $40.

Not sure how to analyze this.


I don´t like this at all, first of all, an ‘average price’ doesn´t make much sense without context, and then, it´s not really anyone’s business either, from my point of view.


It could be costing in custom offers or for example some persons come back for small tweaks; all of these may add up , though that’s a drastic drop from $50 - $10 etc. The gigs that start at $10 with a higher price point makes more sense as they would upsell, generally, it should fall between your highest and lowest dollar value for any gig, if you are higher though it means you’re doing exceptionally well above average and if it is lower then you are seriously under-quoting as you said. And although these are good analytics for the seller, which should be in analytics, I can’t see the value of this for a buyer.