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The badges and complete percents


I want an answer to one question. Why if we have 95% of completed orders the next day drops down on 94% even if have not canceled orders. I know that is just one percent but sometimes can be significant if you, for example, have 90% at first point, and the next day you have 89% you could lose your badge. That is not fair at all.


It is based on last 60 days.

So if you, for example, 110 orders completed and 6 orders cancelled it would be around 95%.
60 days ago you had 10 orders completed.

So tomorrow that 10 orders completed would not be counted anymore and you would have 100 orders completed and 6 orders cancelled in last 60 days. And percentage will drop.

Or on opposite way. If you have few orders cancelled 60 days ago, tomorrow that will not be counted in percentage anymore and % will increase.