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The battle of first jobs

Some clients are so loyal, that they would not want to try another seller, because of the trust that have already been built with their sellers, try something new and make it an addition not an exception…

With a lot of fake profiles, scammers that are doing “business” on Fiverr is very hard for a buyer to waste money trying other sellers services, when they find someone good who can communicate and do their tasks they are just so happy and that’s normal.
Trying other sellers should be a choice just if you are not satisfied with the work delivered by your actual seller.

Sound like a cry for help by a seller who doesn’t get much orders.

Or, or, just build yourself up to the point that you get your own loyal clients.


Seller might get attention when adding Gigs that offers something new that interest the buyer or offering some service which have demand but less people are offering it (less competitive). There are some clients who always like to interview sellers before they buy any service. While talking to the seller, client gets some idea of his capability from they way he talks or communicate. Fake profile/sellers are kicked out at this stage, because they will have no idea of what the buyer is talking about, their ultimate goal would be: “Buy my gigs, I can do EVERYTHING”