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'The Beauty of Suzi' or 'Why it means nothing to spend 95$ on fiverr'


The most beautiful gig that happened to me on fiverr is just moments ago. There was this song I wrote & recorded for my girlfriend…she was just coming back from her exchange semester in Spain.

But as I am not that a strong singer, I looked for another artist to do it. I found Suzi aka ‘trystassistant’ here on fiverr! Look and listen what she has done! Have the ‘before’ and ‘after’ …no, just watch Suzis beautiful performance (and if you want to listen to the ‘before’ there is a link at the end):

Suzis Gig:


Her highly recommended Gig:

BEFORE ( what I delivered to Suzi):



Isn’t she? I am still blown away by her talent and performance and my girl is so, so happy.


There are so many ways to enjoy this platform, to learn from it and its users. And I love to be welcomed by legendary grandma :slight_smile:


Agreed! She’s adorable. Your girlfriend must be delighted.