The benefits of mutual cancellations on your business relationships


Support cancellations have the exact same effect on Levels eligibility as any other method of order cancellation. When you request a Mutual Cancellation from your buyer for whatever reason, you can keep a good relationship with them for future projects.

Mutual cancellations will provide you with the following benefits:

  • It's a 1 click deal: If the buyer doesn't respond, the order will be canceled automatically after a couple of days. You don't even have to follow up on that.

  • There is no negative rating.

  • The buyer will appreciate being informed by you and will feel like an equal partner in this transaction.

  • A support cancellation is a one sided interaction with the buyer, an interaction that can feel like you're pulling the rug out from under them. This affects the buyers' experience on Fiverr as well as their experience with you as a seller.

  • It saves you the time and effort of submitting a support request, and answering to a potential inquiry.

How do I mutually cancel?
At the top of the order page click on "Resolution Center". Choose "I'm having trouble completing this order" to start the cancellation process.

So take matters into your own hands and keep building your buyer fan club.


Mutual cancellations don’t have an impact on ratings. But an excessive amount of cancellations as a whole (mutual, admin, etc.) does impact Level eligibility.


Likewise, can you give us a sense of the tolerance for cancellation?

That is, can we have 12% cancels. Or can we have 5% based on a “per gig” basis. That is, a $20 gig extra plus the initial sale is 5 gig value. So with two orders. One for $5 and one for $25 and the one for $5 gets cancelled. That is still only 1 out of 6, rather than 1 out of 2.

Also, levels are usually an automated process.

Is this part of it automated as well, OR once leveled up, is it a manual process to evaluate cancels?


Necessary cancellations are taken into account but in excess they may indicate that there is a clarity issue in a Gig and buyers are misunderstanding something.

If you’re concerned that your cancellations are too high, the first thing to check is your Gig title and description. Try tweaking it so that your services are as clear as possible. Even get someone else to check it for you and see if they understand what you offer.

Then monitor to see if the frequency of cancellations go down.

(The automated system also takes into account other variables for eligibility, so I don’t have a percentage to share. )


Nice, thanks, sound like the automated system is complex :slight_smile:


@oldbittygrandma - I agree that sometimes clarity in terms can cause cancellations, but I get a ton of them as well because buyers DON’T read the terms or the gig completely. And that is frustrating! I don’t know how many times I’ve had people buy a gig and then a few days later go “Where is my PRODUCT??” and I have to reply - my gig has a 18 day turnaround, I apologize, but it will be a little longer. And then they respond. “MY CLIENT CANNOT WAIT, PLEASE REFUND AND CANCEL MY ORDER”. I get this ALL the time .I really wish customers would take turnaround times seriously. They aren’t there just for looks and it’s not fair to me that I have to cancel orders because clients can’t wait…

The only other reason I give refunds is if a customer is just not happy at all and nothing seems to help the situation. Usually this doesn’t occur often, luckily.


Graphix that just pisses me off to hear. Grrrr.


I over communicate with all my clients. I agree to often buyers do not take the time to fully read the description or my instructions reply once they placed the order.

Therefore, I make a point of sending a message to every new order confirming the scope of work and timeframe. So far its kept the cancellations down to a minimum.

I concur with the group that the current cancellation policy and process is confusing and worrisome for us buyers. I mean exactly how many is too much that it begins to effect your level that you’ve worked so hard to get!


Reply to @graphixgoddess: Ive had this a few times! So frustrating. Their really should be more put into sellers protection!


“No worries”??

Due to just a few mutual cancellations, I just lost my Level 2 status, all of my extras, and now have unhappy regular buyers complaining that they can’t buy rushes or extra minutes.

All that because the buyer and I agreed that what they wanted wasn’t within my ability to deliver, and they bought first and asked questions later. I may now have to leave Fiverr, because the hassle has increased exponentially for me. 100% approval rate, deliveries on-time…none of it matters.

So BEWARE of mutual cancellations!


@mekslirrup ugh and here I thought mutual cancellations were safe.


Reply to @natalieab: thx natalie…you cleared my doubts…:slight_smile:


Reply to @melslirrup: Oh, that’s horrible. … and @ceceliavo: I was told by customer support that they were ok… and did not effect our ratings.


Reply to @ceceliavo: Yeah, me too. :slight_smile: I had a few of them because some people ordered by “mistake”.


Once a customer requests to cancel an order can you send them a message before you click to cancel as well. I sometimes have clients that are uneasy at first, until they talk to me. So they have to re-click to hire me.


How do mutual cancellations affect your rating? I had a customer ask for cancellation when he made a mistake ordering…



It’s a shame that the mutual cancellations have an impact on whether I’ll receive a (Level 1) badge or not. This is not fair towards us, the sellers. I have at least 10 successful gigs/positive ratings, no negative ratings and I am a member for (much) more than 30 days. Yet, still no Level 1 badge for me.

Half of my orders had to be (mutually) cancelled just because the buyers wanted something that my gig doesn’t offer. It would be a common sense not to penalize the seller for the buyers’ mistakes.

The title of my gig is understandable enough, but just in case, it’s even well written in the description (and again in the instructions) that: “Notice: I don’t accept orders for Facebook Fan Pages”. And yet, such buyers just order the gig, they only see the “3000+ likes” part, like, who cares if the seller offers only… red apples, I want to buy an iPhone. It’s really frustrating. Few of them did read the Notice in the instructions and they asked me to propose a mutual cancellation along with an apology because they didn’t read/understood the description (nor the title of the gig) properly. And what can I do, I must do it. Many of them do not understand English at all, others are just “playing dumb”.

I am really disappointed to find out that the fiverr’s system is set in such way that I’ll be the one (as a seller) who is responsible for the buyers’ mistakes (and/or ignorance).

Fiverr should change this policy. Right away.

Thank you for reading.


I totally agree, Fiverr should change this policy. Alot of buyers just mistakenly click buy and then request to cancel order. As seller, I have also experienced quite of few buyers doing that.


Reply to @graphixgoddess:

I get this all the time too Graphixgoddess. I figure out right away if the person is going to be a hassle just after a few interactions and i blatantly say the job isn’t going to do itself and if they can find someone else then fantastic. Believe me…most of the time my clients become very nice after that especially if i have a high queue.

melslirrup said: melslirrup

A few cancellations and you lost your level 2 status? How on Earth is that possible... now I'm confused as to whether the whole levels thing is really automated or depends on rate of work/deliveries/fb etc... I never let any negative issue go when I know I am in the right... so I'd like to know if you could explain more about what you do/how often/how many negatives you've had because I'd love to get a better idea of the inner workings here...