The best 5 star review I've got


Yesterday I finished an order and today I found the best review they could write me

I’ve been here in fiverr for a month and I’m receiving some orders, my advice is to be constant, try to be always connected and answer the messages that come to you.

Personally, I’ve always kept track of my clients in my other jobs and what I have done has been to implement it here in fiverr.

During the production of my videos I keep the conversation with the clients and I’m sending them previews, so they can see how the final result is, if they don’t like it at all or want to change something… better during that moment than in the end (In my opinion)

After the sale, I talk to them to see if they have posted the video on a website or social network, so I can help to share the videos in my profiles also… those things, to build customer loyalty and maybe, work together again

Bad english, I know :sweat_smile:



Congress :slight_smile:


congrats, i wish you got more 5 star :slight_smile:


thanks @wordpress_sujon @raihan_siddik


Hi Robert!

Be careful with this one for your own sake - once the order’s delivered, there shouldn’t be any further conversation. Buyers could legitimately report you for sending unwanted spam because Fiverr doesn’t really like it.

Good luck! :sunny:


Owww, ok thanks!
I do it only when I have had a nice and fluent conversation with the client.

I’ll keep it in mind


Best of Luck…:heart:


congratulation man. Best of luck. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Congrats! You will get more 5 stars.


Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


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congratulations! I wish you more success.