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The best file to send pics?


Hi Guys,

I was hoping some one could give me advice :slight_smile:

When sending pics to be edited, what is the best form to send em? I am trying to send more than four or five, lol. So I need to know what works best.

thanks in advance


Hi. In my opinion JPG would be your best option if you have bulk images as the file sizes are small. So transferring files through the net is convenient. Also some sellers may not have super fast net connections and they may have trouble downloading and uploading large files like TIFFs. So I think JPG is the best format.


JPG is good choice


It depends.

For photos and similar stuff — JPEG.

For illustrations, transparent images, digital art — PNG.

For very small images or with very few colors — PNG8 (way better than GIF).


thanks guys:) will try again before I get an angry seller, lol.