The Best First Order Ever!


For those of you who have been following this forum closely this past week, you may have come across me asking silly questions and ranting on about losing hope. The story I’m about to share can be considered both a way of showing my gratitude to those who have supported me and encouraged me to not lose hope, or may serve as an incentive for those who are going through tough times, and are thinking of giving up right on their first week at Fiverr.

I recently lost my business for reasons unexpected, and this came as quite a shock to me and left me disoriented for a few days, as I financially depended on the business solely. I consider myself fairly good at what I do, and so did my clients, but all this came to a halt right after the incident, which left me completely broke.

But lucky for me, despite lacking patience, I have a strong heart. I decided to start over, this time giving a chance to fate, and with the advice of a few friends, decided to give freelancing a try. Also note that I belong to a place where freelancing is not much in practice as compared to the rest of the world, and is generally frowned upon. People here are more comfortable with 9 to 5 jobs in various fields, and so by choosing freelancing, I went against my family’s wishes, not to mention I was taking a big risk by stepping into an unknown world.

When it comes to freelancing, Fiverr is the first name that comes to anyone’s mind, so this is where I came. I won’t say I was not disappointed at first, but it turned out that the fault lay within me. Being a complete rookie in this freelancing field, despite having a strong portfolio with decent samples from my past work, I had no clue how to express myself in this platform. Also I have zero ideas about marketing strategies, so have no idea how to promote myself through social medias and stuff. Also, I made a minimal descriptive gig that was in general not at all impressive, and didn’t offer much. Getting not even a single view, I made another gig, this time after doing a little research. Still no result. Due to my impatient nature, I was on the verge of giving up.

That is when I stumbled upon this forum and some wonderful personalities. They gave me some valuable insights on how to improve my gig, and ensure the maximum exposure. Though I haven’t been able to follow all of them through yet, I made a few tweaks, and kept on asking the right questions here in this forum that provided me with valuable feedbacks from all the kinds of people here. The view and impressions on my gig kept surprisingly going up, which was unexpected, since the gig I offer is extremely specific and hard to come across.

Fiverr says treat your first few orders like gold, and they will treat you better in return. Correct, but this rule applies to every single order you get. Atleast if you can’t give the five star treatment due to overburden, do your best at the least. Also, this rule applies not only to Fiverr, but to every aspect of life. I have tried and tested it, and the results are worth it. Kindness is the key to spreading joy.

Anyway back to my story. Yesterday, I came across one such lovely person, who was one of the most kind and compassionate person I have ever come across. She gave me one of the best openings a freelancer can ever expect. She checked my gig, and said that she loved it. She said that she believed in me, and that in my words, she found passion for my work. Despite me being a complete stranger, she kept faith in me even before I had completed my order. Being a buyer, she was the one encouraging me! Ordering for the first time in this graphic design field, not only did she take a huge risk by ordering from a person with no past work and review in Fiverr, but she went on to order two gigs!

Out of sheer joy and gratitude, I thanked her by providing her an extra service as a gift, which was nothing that much. If you check my gig, you’ll see my service costs just 5 bucks, but she thought that though I was really good, I had incurred a loss in the process by providing that extra gig, and compensated me by giving me an extra $10 tip! So converse to my expectation of making $5 out of my first order, I ended up making $20! It may not be much for a few people reading this post, but for me, after a long interval of a bad financial condition, this was the silver lining to my difficult period.

If you have taken the time to read my story, I would like to thank you. I hope this has some value for you. Everything in life is relative. For you, a grand opening may be a $100 gig, for some others, even $5 seems heavenly if you are in that sort of situation. For me, it was befriending a person who showed me kindness in my hour of need, believed in me and my talents, and encouraged me. The point to my story is, don’t lose hope. If you have the right skills, and if fate is on your side, you too can find your silver lining, just like I found mine.

I do not know when I’ll get my next order, or what is yet to come, but this single incident boosted my spirits, and I have no such negative thoughts left in me whatsoever. I started again from scratch, and I’ll make that into something. I believe in my abilities and my top notch quality work, and I’ll keep on working hard, and expressing myself in this forum here, and try my best to get an order or two, taking one step at a time. And so should you all struggling out there. Instead of complaining, research on how to improve yourself, and be patient. If you have got it in you, success will be yours, I promise you. Trust me, I’ve been there, done that. Everything’s gonna be alright. :slight_smile:

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Inspiring story!

Many newbies have it wrong when they argue with senior, established sellers. It gets tiresome. When someone like you comes along who is open to suggestions and make changes accordingly; it’s a breath of fresh air.

You have a great gig. Advertise yourself, not spam social media, but participate in various outlet - give & take advice. You never know when that next buyer will be reading and needing. :tulip: :heart:


Thank you!
This is just the beginning for me in freelancing, and I have a lot to learn. I hope others learn from my experience as well, however small it may be. And paying attention to small details does pay out. I would like to encourage other beginners just like me to not give up, and keep on trying, as will I. And I’d also like express my gratitude to all you wonderful people in this wonderful forum, without whom, I’d have closed down my account by now and kept on cursing my fate. :slight_smile:


velocigraphtor thanks for writing such a nice beginning of your successful fiverr life! I just made my first order yesterday. Although I am working in Digital marketing industry for last 5 years but for the first time in fiverr that is why excited. Along with me a group of professional people also very excited.
Wish you all the best :slight_smile:


Thank you @bullsdigital, I wish you all the best for your Fiverr experience as well! Keep shining!



Thanks for sharing your inspiring testimony!

Fiverr wouldn’t be the same without this forum. The guidance and encouragement from fellow members is priceless.

It’s also great to be able to rejoice in each other’s successes.



I am genuinely glad for you velo! I saw that post you made when your spirits were down, and it’s truly refreshing to read such a humble, non-haughty personal success in light of that so soon after. You’ve got the experience and the know-how. Keep a strong will and you’ll certainly persevere, both online and off!



So, @velocigraphtor,

You’re the very first Basic Member I’ve ever seen get pinned!

Congratulations again, you’ve become a trend setter! :blush::tulip:


What an inspiring post and a great review on your first sale. You are on your way. Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much y’all! Its unbelievable, the amount of love and support I’m getting here. I hope I’m worthy of that, and that I can reciprocate the same and inspire my fellow Fiverr rookies who’ve been going through the same ordeals in the beginning. It can be tough at times, but with such an amazing platform, and people like you in this lovely forum, it gets so much wonderful! Thank you!


@gina_riley2 Yes I guess my luck is beginning to turn afterall :slight_smile: Its hard to believe. Thank you so much! :smiley: