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The best places to promote your Fiverr Gigs?

Hello all,

I’ve been using Fiverr as a small hobby to make money online whilst travelling. Orders come in semi-regularly but much like everyone else - I’m looking to increase the conversion rate.

My question: Where would you recommend promoting my Fiverr Gig?

Obvious sites include Facebook and Instagram but I’m just curious to see where else people recommend.

Another question if you’ve got this far: Do you know how many page hits / social media followers Fiverr looks for if you request to become an affiliate member?

Thank you,


Hi silberma1976,

Thank you for the response. I don’t use Facebook personally but it looks as if it’s something I will need to consider. Have you just set up a group / page or something? Would be useful to know whether you’ve done this or just included the badge on your profile (if that’s even possible).

Thank you again,



I have not used much social media to promote, but I noticed that when I put the link in one of my bio’s on Instagram and then when the client purchase from me here, in the instructions they have to answer where they found my gig and I would say 20-30% came from Instagram.

Hey, thank you for sharing. I hadn’t actually thought of including an option as to where they found me. Will look at implementing this shortly. I have the link in my Instagram bio and would be curious to see how many come from there.

Thank you very much!

How? Where do you go to find people that need this gig: I will write 15 attention grabbing BLOG titles

Blogger groups? Writing groups? Did you create a facebook page for your gig or are you using your real name? How do you deal with people accusing you of spamming?

the information is helpful. Thanks a lot.

LinkedIn is a great venue to promote your gigs as well. Everyone on there is a professional and is most likely in need of your services. Just this week I got two orders just by sharing my gig to my LinkedIn profile and messaging some connections that might be in need of my services.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Hi armanddc,

That is useful to know - hadn’t thought about directly messaging people on there. Appreciate the feedback!


Hey mate! I’m quite sure I read a few times in some articles that the more you share your gigs on social media, especially Facebook and Twitter, the more likely Fiverr promotes your gigs. I find this to be true, especially seeing the jump in my orders after a few days.
Hope this helps.

LinkedIn too. I’m guessing basically any high traffic and popular platform. It makes sense since it means Fiverr themselves get more exposure in the process.

Hi rickmelfi,

Well that would definitely make a lot of sense! Was also good to see the number of Gigs you offer. Will have to look at increasing my own number soon. Thank you for the response and best of luck with more orders!