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The best response to a blind review?

I had in mind to leave a 5 star and write something like:

Dear buyer, to avoid writing a generic/non-relevant response to the review you left (blind review system), I’ll send you a personal message regarding our cooperation once I get a chance to see the review. Thank you for ordering from me!

Your thoughts?

Thanks for taking the time to respond! :slight_smile:


I was thinking about doing a very similar thing - well written!


I think that anyone sending any message to any buyer concerning any aspect of the review system, is at serious risk of losing their account.

Fiverr is run by soulless robots who automate warnings and bans by looking for trigger words in messages. If a robot ever starts going through your inbox and sees that you even mention the review system to buyers, it will consider that manipulation.


Solid point - you are very right.


The private message would be just a relevant thank you note, it wouldn’t say anything about the review system (I’m talking about the inbox).

The proposed text would be my response to a buyer review (visible on a profile).


Still - after being reminded of how Fiverr reacts to this sort of thing, I would be hesitant. If reviews are mentioned at all in private conversation through Fiverr, you could be at risk.

I once had a buyer leave me 2.7 stars, but it was clearly an accident. His brief review was nice, but he left zero stars under service as described. Knowing that it could potentially hurt my ranking if I filed a request to change my review, I sent him a message about it. He was extremely apologetic and cooperative, asked me straight up how he could change it, and I told him he’d have to file a request. He did, sent me a screenshot of his request, and guess what happened?

Fiverr rebuked me for “asking” him to change his review (I didn’t - he insisted and asked how he could do it), and put a warning on my account. I went back and forth with CS and they eventually removed the warning, but in the end, they still basically told me that I was out of line and was breaking ToS.

Since then, I have never once mentioned the word “review,” “star,” etc. in any Fiverr conversations because I’m terrified of what could come of it.


Tell it to the machine. It’s the CS Terminator T-500’s you need to explain yourself to, not me.


I sadly agree that this may very well be true! It seems to be such a buyer’s market and not equally yoked for sellers!


I think I have to write “thank you so much.” for all, to see the buyer review. Haha.


As the big blind review thread has been closed, I’m posting this here now.

I just had my 2nd blind review and while I knew I’d get a good 5* review because it was a long-time regular buyer, I still didn’t want to look like an idiot in case there was something specific in the review which my reply would not have fitted to at all, so I had to make up one of those “best responses” too, here it is:

“As Fiverr has switched to a blind review system, I’m not able to comment on the buyer’s review anymore as I can’t see it, please note that this is no response to the review above but a review of my experience with this buyer. Great experience, fast communication, very nice to work with, as always.”

There was a line break when I typed it, of course, but unfortunately, those are being ignored.

EDITED TO ADD: Use at your own peril, see some comments below.


I hope we can still use the URL to imgur in our reviews. That’s something we can edit or change. I dislike taking potential buyers off the sales page but that would be a workaround.

The thing about this is that we cannot look up a buyer’s name anywhere to see the reviews left for them. So what’s the point of reviewing them?

If I could come up with some generic fluff for all reviews that might work but it sounds so non-genuine to do that.


I also would like to know if someone else can tell us what a review we can’t see says.


The only way to get completely honest reviews of buyers by sellers if that’s actually the purpose of this change (honest in the eyes of the sellers, a review of course is always subjective) would be the same way how to get completely honest reviews of (honest!) buyers - the “private”, not public review they also ask buyers for.
If they’d ask sellers to privately review the buyers and promise that their privacy policy holds water in that case as well and it won’t have any negative effects on them, they might get honest reviews, either good ones, or, in other cases, bad ones, voicing what we often hear on the forum, buyers who extort sellers for more work, don’t react to notifications, order a gig for 1 image but demand 5 images, etc.

Honest+in public can go together, but in many many cases doesn’t. Not for reviews, not for a lot of other things as well.


It would be great if we could write something like this. However, I’m pretty sure that it will trigger the CS and might result with a warning/ban (used multiple times). I’m not going to risk.


As I said on the closed thread you’re mentioning, Fiverr is forcing us to play some kind of a Russian roulette with this insane blind review system… regrettable!!! :angry:


Well, it’s a helpful explanation for potential buyers looking at my reviews that might make them order in spite of my reply below a buyer’s review not fitting to the review because I might seem to be a little dumb to reply in that way to a review if I’d take the explanation out. Fiverr certainly wants people to order from me.


Russian Roulette is the perfect metaphor. We never know which chamber contains the bad review bullet.


Honestly, at this point I think no review is the way to go.
That is what I am doing and while it annoys me that I won’t know if buyers had a specific issue that I could fix for them, I don’t see a point in leaving blind reviews that will either be nondescript “no problems” reviews or else will make me look stupid.
If the incentive was there that my review of the buyer was actually visible on their profile, I would get over the above issues as it would at least make a difference and the buyer would be aware that my review of them would show too.


I get your point. However, if I would have to choose, I will just be dumb and still on here rather than smart and banned.
I’m working on Fiverr for almost 2 years now and it’s the worst update I’ve seen so far. I can’t find anything positive about it. The only thing it does (in my case) is motivating me to build up my career somewhere else, focus more on local market as Fiverr is less and less reliable - even if I’m making more and more each month, makes no sense.


What Eoin said was my first thought too, I posted that elsewhere (the closed thread probably) and I probably will do that, the blind reviews I got up to now were all by good customers, so I knew it would be okay, I just wanted to protest somewhat against this not 100% system. If my review is going to be displayed as if it’s a reply to a review, it should be a reply, and a reply can’t be given if you don’t know for what.

I’ll probably switch to not reviewing now that I’ve seen the “process”, though, so I’m sorry for everyone who might wait for me to post about my warning for my explanative reviews in vain. :wink: