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The best sales method

Good day to everyone.

I know i am new here on fiverr but i noticed that a couple of things and from the views of a couple of my friends who are also on fiverr.

Anyway let me get to the point.

My view is that when you want to get enough sales here on fiverr the best thing to do is to let your prospective buyers know that you are good, build the confidence in them and they will want to work with you, Let them feel welcome.

This is a mistake that a couple of sellers kind of make, they are too business oriented when it comes to there sellers.

They make it too official which sometimes make the seller feel uncomfortable.

What i just said is my opion which i got while working here. I have a couple of friends here who complain about sales and there gig not showing as they would like it to be, I am not saying my gig is showing very well in my category, because i hardly see it too.

But making anyone who send you a message to inquiry about your gig comfortable then you are about to get yourself an order.

Anyway more views are welcome because i am new seller and i would love to learn from everyone here.


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