The Best Smartphone?


Hey there,

I am looking to buy a new phone and I must say I am having a hard time to choose among the zillions of models available.

Essentially, I am looking for a phone that

  • costs less than $200
  • has a good screen
  • has good battery life
  • has a decent camera

I also prefer Android OS and decent speed.

What do you recommend? What’s a good phone for a freelancer? What phone do you use and what do you think of it?


Well, I bought my first Samsung 1.5 years ago, Note 5 (the kind that doesn’t explode). It’s kinda old, but love it, great reception, and all the perks that’s included in most new version.

I tried out some newer version and I admit, the color in mine does seem a bit bland.

I’m kinda curious what others say.


Seems to be a great phone but it’s too expensive for me! I am looking for something under $200, maybe $250.


You can search Google/GSMarena for full specs.
Less than $200, my recommendations are:
Moto G $179
Zenfone Laser $199 and
ZTE Axon 7 Mini $200

Edit: Go for Mi6 $400. :grin:


Thanks for the suggestions!

The Moto G keeps coming up as a good budget smartphone, so I will definitely check it out. Zenfone seems to be pretty good too but kinda old. ZTE also looks good on paper but I doubt I can buy it in my country.

As for the Mi6, I love it but I don’t think I need a $400 smartphone at this point :thinking:

Edit: Contenders so far are also the Samsung J and A series ('16 - '17) and LG K10 ('17). Any thoughts on those?


You should really go for xiaomi phones if it’s available at your place. Moto phones are also good but I’ll give first priority to xiaomi.


…am I the only person here who’s still using the flip phone? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
My friends call me the “cellosaurus” hahaha.
I’m stuck back in the dinosaur age…with no problems though.
Once my phone breaks I’ll join you guys on the other side.



i don’t know you like or not i use Sony xperia Z1 i bought it second hand work perfectly fiver app run smoothly


My suggestion - Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 - 32gb version
Costs less than 200$
Screen - 5.5 inch Full HD Display
400 mah battery - lasts full day
16 MP primary Camera (decent enough)
32 GB ROM (good storage space)
3GB RAM (great speed)

Check full specs online.


@zeus777 Not a flip phone, but I too have an ancient phone currently. :smiley:
@zeeshan_tirmizi Hahaha… I’m part of that generation, too. The last one to go through that. I will definitely try out Xiaomi. Thanks for the suggestion
@gamunu Thanks for your suggestion! Sony Xperia Z1 has really good specs but it’s old and it has a TFT screen, so not my favorite… :confused:
@sanverma96 Thanks for your suggestion. Redmi Note 3 looks amazing on paper. I am thinking of adding some more money and going for the Redmi Note 4. Any thoughts?


My brother bought note 4 and he’s very satisfied with that phone.


You can go for Note 4 if you prefer phone storage over the camera, otherwise, everything else is more or less same.
You can upgrade the Note 3 to Android 6 out of the box so that’s not an issue.
So basically for the extra money, you’ll be getting more storage, a little faster speed but lower camera quality.
Now the decision is yours to make.