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The Best social media platform online

What do you think is the best and most active social media platform out there?
I’m active on many and want to share my experiences, learn people how to set-up profiles, run campganes, etc…

Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Musical.y, Vkontakte, Xing, Instagram, etc…

Please let me know what you think, i want to share…and earn…and let other learn!

You could always do your own research. The best platform depends on your kind of customers, for starters. It doesn’t matter how active it is if it’s all 13 year old tweenagers with no money.

Why do you say ˝Almost˝ Husband of… in your profile? Are you going to get married?

yes almost going to marry, if she is here in my country…we need to apply for VISA first

Research i’ve done…never exclude people…engaging people is more important in beginning, motivate and activate people thats more difficult i sell myself and my products…that is platform independent…thnks for feedback…but i wanted a GENERAL clue of what people think…

Most people don’t know a thing, and their general clues will be biased on a heap of (usually false) assumptions and preferences. Your stuff may be platform independent, but your target market most certainly isn’t, based on their interests. The most obvious place to start is B2B or B2C.

Or you can waste time and money with untargeted marketing and advertising to people who don’t care a single flip about your product. Pretty obvious, no? The fact that you’re saying never to exclude people clearly shows that you don’t really know how to run a good campaign on social media.

But yeah, OK. General? Go spam Twitter and Facebook and call it a day. Or wait for a so-called expert with kind words and ice-cream to lure you in with their promises of easy sells.

Your research so far is worthless and won’t get you anywhere fast–make my suggestions the starting point for better research and better results.

You shouldn’t put your future wife’s name here. What does that have to do with your fiverr business? This isn’t facebook where you tell your personal life.
First you say she is almost your wife then you say she is your wife.
It has zero to do with anything.

Thnks for the feedback, this is something i have changed!
I focussed on my business now!

thnks for the feedback! I now see you’re a copywriter.
Focus on that and help people, social media marketing is not like you mentioned, everybody is different. It’s better to give feedback, so people can learn from that, the most negative parts you’ve mentioned aren’t really like that!

I think you’re open and honest but remember this, there is not one thrut!

Anyway, thank you for the conversation, i will find my way to help other people!