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The Best Thing in Fiverr


What are the most beautiful things you learned or got in Fiverr?:thinking:


Be patient that’s it.i have learned on fiverr.


Buyers are the king :confused:


No, the terms of your service “are king”, not the buyers. No matter who your customers may be, if they want to work with you, they will accept the terms of your services. You do not need to bend backwards just to get a $5 sale. Stand up for your value, protect your reputation, and deliver high quality work according to YOUR terms (and, of course, Fiverr’s TOS), not whatever the buyer wants. The buyer is NOT the king. If you let them be “the king”, they’ll walk all over you, and take advantage of you.

You are stronger then that. Be the seller that solves a buyer’s problems, not a seller that does whatever a buyer demands of you.



If I work long enough, I might get enlighten :innocent:


Patience and consistency is the most important thing I learned here. But I learned another thing which I think some people might find funny. When I stop getting orders, or when I don’t get any order for like a week or 10 days, I don’t see it as a bad happening. It’s like an opportunity to relax my mind and enjoy life while keeping distance with technology. Also, while hoping that big orders will come soon to compensate.
I guess everyone should follow this. When you don’t get any orders, DON’T PANIC and Appreciate Life.


Please do not make generalizations. This does not ALWAYS happen. I know plenty of cases (even some of my own experiences) in which Fiverr sides with the seller. Just because you see things one way, does not mean that is the way things are always happening.


This line is a nut in a shell. It answers almost every query one may ask regarding this matter.