The best tip you have ever received?:D


Some buyers is so awesome. They send great tips when you completed the job. The best tip I’ve ever received is 6 gigs for a tip (OMG) :smiley:


I don’t get tips too often. The most I have gotten is just an additional order.


Yes, I always try to my best to completed the job quick with awesome quality, the tips will come :smiley:

Never think that “It’ just 5$” … never :smiley:



Why not? They do better awesome things in return for our hard work. I found 3 Top Customers from Fiverr. I want to say I promoted to Fiverr Level 2 because of my 1st Top Customer. She bought 8 gigs from mine and I promoted to Level 2 seller when I have 48 Orders :smiley:

At last she spend over 100$ for my works including Tips and Orders. My other 2 Top Customers are Real Estate Business guys. They spent over 100$ as Tips for my hard work.

Anyway Good Luck!



Haha. My best tip was 20$, and i was suprised a lot. It’s the best feeling for seller to get big tip :slight_smile:


I see a lot of people having tip gigs and i dont know maybe they are worth it :slight_smile: I should give them a go and let you know how it goes :smiley:


I don’t get tips often. But whenever someone did tip for the work I’ve done, it feels so good! <:-P


Reply to @sk8tavou: Hey my tips are worth. I’m a blogger, So I don’t hesitate to teach my customers about what I know, What I have mastered. When I message them, I strictly show my knowledge level to them, They get confuzed about my knowledge. I know that should be happen, Because I have learn Internet Marketing, Blogging, WordPress since 2008 from large number of blogs.


Shyam - SEO Guy,


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: That’s a Good Point, When we provide high quality services to good people, they feel we’re the Rockstart, So they automatically tends to give some Tips. My secret for getting tips is,

  1. Building a Cracking Trust between me and customer by being professional, by showing I’m master in my field etc.
  2. Doing many revisions and recorrections etc.

    Actually I don’t like to called me as a Master in my field, because I’m still learning about it, I’m not the only one in my field, I believe I learned Internet Marketing from REAL MASTERS. :smiley:

Good Luck!
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I have never gotten a tip for one of my orders. To be honest I didn’t even know there was a feature that allowed the customer to tip.


Reply to @tiffylove: There is no feature for it, you just create a seperate gig designated for TIPS. This will allow your buyers place an order as a way to pay you a little extra for a job well done and also gives them an opportunity to leave extra feedback…

TIPS are the best… Not because of the money, but because you know that you have really exceeded the buyers expectations…


Reply to @thefacebookgeek: the same to me :slight_smile:


Tip is great, though my customers rather order gig extras, and they write thank you letters. Though have to agree, receiving a tip feels awesome, you know you have done a good job!


I haven’t had any through my tip gig and I’m thinking about taking it down. When I do get tips it’s by buyers ordering an extra gig as a thank you.


Something really lovely :slight_smile: I never have a tip gig but now i am going to put a Tip gig on my profile to see some big tips :slight_smile: from my buyers.,


I think Oranjegirl best tip was $100 so 20 gigs I guess.

I got a 10 gig tip once. I think they were very happy :slight_smile:

I was too :slight_smile: Hehe


I never got a tip and I wasn’t knowing that there is such feature. Thanks guys for telling, i think i will create a tip gig too. :smiley:


20$ tip! :slight_smile: From a pretty hard design too, so I was glad!


Reply to @dhanraj1994: Do your best, the rest will come :smiley:


Reply to @oranjewebdesign: awesome :slight_smile: