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The Best Twitter Followers Gig in The Whole History Of Fiverr

The statement in the thread title is up for discussion, so if you have reason to disagree drop a comment. But I honestly think that my latest gig for unlimited REAL twitter followers is a steal and offers incredible value starting from only $5.

I’ve been around for a while and when it comes to Twitter followers 99% of gigs oscillate between “drop/non drop” and “eggs/real looking”. Ultimately though they all have one thing on on common ground - bot followers. So if someone looking to increase the number of real people reading their tweets turned to Fiverr she (or he) would have been bitterly disappointed. At best they would have found only gigs about thousands of non drop (that don’t get removed) & real looking (that have a human face as profile picture) followers. But still bots.

This was the case until yesterday, before I published my new gig which I’m really enthusiastic about. I’m aware that this may sound too good to be true, but it actually is exactly what it says on the tin: unlimited real followers (I’m not counting, you could possibly get several/tens of thousands and I guarantee at least 1000 regardless of your account’s appeal). So I’m open to answering any questions and, even better, prove the incredible worth of the gig by delivering one to you :slight_smile:

Really?? It is impossible. Nope. I don’t buy it at all. All Twitter followers that you don’t get by natural means are ESSENTIALLY bots. Even famous celebrities only have a few million followers or so. Perhaps you should advertise it as “Unlimited Real-Looking or Life-Like Twitter Followers”. That’s more reasonable, isn’t it?

You have to read what I write before replying. I covered all that and said that the followers buyers will get are 100% real, which is why I call this the best gig in the history of Fiverr.

Here are some followers (15 out 40 he gained today in total) my first client attracted as result of the work we do in this gig: http://*********. As you can see these are all real, independently owned accounts who willingly followed the buyer’s account as result of our promotional work. No bots, no real looking crap. Only real people voluntarily hitting your profile’s follow button.

You have never seen or tried anything like this before.

Can you still perform this service?