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The best way to get many orders


I joined fiver since 10 days and i started selling since 6 days and a get 27 orders and 13 review

the best way to get many orders is giving your buyer the best thing you is the best way


Hi Isabel55, how did you get that right? Do you market your gig outside of Fiverr?


no just jetting the first order and first positive review


Oh, so hw dat first order came??


Welcome and Congrats :slight_smile:


Congrats :slight_smile:


Sometimes skill is just not enough I guess! Congrats dude!


Just provide the things for which people are looking for more and you have skills to do that.


Reply to @thugee: 11 April


Reply to @thugee: 11 April


thank you all


Why do you use a fake profile picture? @isabel55 - to be more precise a photo from Anne Hathaway


Reply to @kreativa: I have seen that men who want to get more sales on Fiverr, often use fake female profiles. Of course, don’t take me wrong, I certainly don’t mean that isabel55 is a ‘he’ :slight_smile: But it would help to not use Anne Hathaway’s picture since this is also against the Terms of Service.


@kreativa, @happyspace, if one of you could get Anne Hathaway to join Fiverr, I’d buy just about anything from her. Oh wait… :slight_smile:


Hahaha you guys are funny, but thats an extra ordinary story congrats!


Wow. You must be one of the most popular people on the planet if you have enough legit FB followers that you can get 100K of them to like someone (Yes, I checked out your gigs.) Are you an actress, model, or pop singer for your regular job ?


Congratulation for your success. I got almost 42 order within 18 days and i am still waiting to promote for level one. I know it take one month to achieve level one badge but i saw many user who achieve top rated seller within 3 month.


Congrats on your fast success.


Congratulation for your success! :smiley:


Congratulation but carefully…