The best way to promote your business


Social media is the best way to promote your business. Specially when it comes to FB ads.
Invest in them and get a great result and be strategical in the process. :slight_smile:



This is another dimension to generating traffic! Maybe I will try it out later.

Just to add to it, fiverr forum is also a great way to create awareness for your gigs.

Then for your first order, you will find the “buyer request” section is very helpful


Hello Fivestardom,

How do i go about creating awareness for my gigs on the forum ?



Hi Juliacox098,

Just like you did now, always make good comments on posts of others…try to be among the first set of persons to comment on new posts.

Make use of “my fiverr gigs” section to simply talk more about your gigs and make sure to include link to your profile or any of your gigs.


Maybe I should make a post on this…I don’t want to hijack this poster’s thread.

You could also chat me up on my inbox…and I hope inviting you to my inbox isn’t offensive too?

I don’t want to break any rules or offend anybody, please

Anyways, I will write up a post on this as soon as I have the time…watch out for it


Would really appreciate that and I pick no offence with that.

Thanks for the insight.


There are many other ways to get quality traffic rather than post jacking… lolz…
1- Use social media - Videos work best
2- Create website- there are lots of free ways to create free web- use wordpress blogs etc…
3- And there are web ads comp- if you use them properly can sky rocket your biz e.g. google/bing ads.
Bottom line is; how serious are you with your gigs and if yes than treat them like a business.