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The Big Order Queue Bug: Intentionally Put in Conversations for Exposure

I made a post about this the other day which was moderated and put in the bug report category. This is fine but I’m posting an updated version here to conversations as I really think people need to understand how prevalent this is and how to protect against it.

At present, my order queue looks like this:

This is great as I have just finished for the day and tomorrow will finally be my day off! However, my active orders screen currently looks like this:

As you will see, an order on my dashboard to do list which says it should be delivered in 5-days is actually due in 13 hours. This being the case, if I hadn’t just checked this, I would tomorrow have my 6th failed to deliver on time notification in 4 days which really is a record for me and is currently seeing my delivered on time ratio being annihilated.

This is not the same as the existing bug which we all experience from time to time where orders don’t show up in our dashboard todo lists as soon as they should. This seems to be a new bug which affects any order where a buyer orders extra fast delivery on an order. The system doesn’t recognize the extra fast requirement and lists a gig as deliverable like it would be usually (in this case 5-days).

In this case, watch out as this really is a nightmare to work around when you a run of orders like this. Also, I’m perfectly happy for forum mods to move this. I really, think though, that this should be pinned somewhere for a while so that people can make themselves aware of the situation.

Mod Note: Images Removed as they contained buyer names. If you can add the images again with the names removed, Ill pin it for exposure as it is an important issue.

report it to cs and they will let developer know

@cyaxrex I am so sorry for your trials and tribulations since this past weekend.

Did I miss something? Were you going to tell us how to protect against this?

Yes, sorry. Basically, you need to constantly check both your email notifications and active orders to make sure all orders are listed and ranked correctly in order of when they need to be delivered.

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I never look at my dashboard, only at orders.

I guess I should sign up for e-mail notifications then. :email:

I have noticed this bug as well, but thankfully, as soon as you look at the order and open it up - then it will show the correct delivery time… frustrating though if you don’t do that!