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The biggest order

So, I was wondering, what was the biggest order you’ve ever gotten?

And how did it compare to your average order? More difficult? More time consuming? More demanding? Or was it more or less the same just at a higher price?


I cannot say, because you’ll make fun of me. I became a seller just few days ago :wink:


No I won’t! It’s normal to start low and grow from there. I’ve even done things for free in the past (not on Fiverr) just to get portfolio.


ok then.

I offered first something very “original” (as some geniuses in Kindle books or Udemy recommend :)), until I figured out nobody will search for this here.

I looked then for something that sells. Someone wrote me a private email, I made a proposal and freaked out. For just $5, I wanted to recover his old fdb file. I’ve been sooo lucky, I tell you, that by the end I was able to guess that’s an old Firebird database. I found a tool to convert it to a more recent version, and I surprised myself when I was able to access its tables.

The guy left me a $20 tip for this $5 gig, with a great review. One day later, he bough another $5 with a great review.

Why you should make fun now is I’m indeed someone who not long ago was looking to see how much over $100k/year he may get from his employer. Surprisingly, I found the decent and honest feedback from my $5 gig fiverr buyer more rejuvenating :slight_smile:


Nah, I’m not making fun of you for that. I’m actually calling you out on your bad decisions. a 6 figure salary is the dream man, work 10 years and retire for life on a cheap tropical paradise.

People who don’t take the chances they get piss me off :frowning:


ok, now… I’ll give you a hint why I did not succeed: I’ve been … married!!


Ah, the crucial mistake.


My biggest order was $200 order and it was easy client didn’t request any revision. That order consumed 15 days.


My largest order to date was for $16,000.

It was completed in roughly 45 days and it was a rather ambitious explainer video with a truly unique visual style for a large retail brand.


Winning so far! I wasn’t aware of 45 days deadlines on fiverr, however. Is that possible? Or it was a product of the revision process?


Fiverr doesn’t allow for any gig to have a default delivery time longer than 30 days.

However, this project was a custom order one.

We needed a longer delivery window (revisions included) so the project was broken up into two phases, one phase took 30 days to complete, phase two took about 15.


My biggest to date was just over $3k for a 3 week project which was done over the Christmas holidays a couple of years ago. Great client, came at a nice time when I wasn’t busy and the work was simply a lot of volume rather than technical.
It came through buyer requests when the buyer budget was $500. I informed them that their budget was far too low and that paying less would be a waste as the work couldn’t be up to the required standard at that price. After a little discussion, they agreed and ordered.

(This is one of the reasons I still check in on BRs on a daily basis despite the frustration it causes)


Well played! There’s the rare gem in buyer requests, but most of it is trash.

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Btw, I never got to announce mine. My biggest order so far was $4k, and the order was closed in 9 days (but actual work itself was probably 2-3 days, the rest was waiting for feedback, assets, etc.). Client was great, great communication, super sensible revisions. Outstanding experience! (xD)


So far, my greatest order has been $420. created an explainer video for a client.


20$ is my highest order.


My biggest order has been $211


My biggest order was $35 on one day delivery. I was new seller.


I got $10 once. That was my big one. :heavy_dollar_sign: :keycap_ten:


on a more serious note if there was a discussion around structuring offers (I dont mean buyers requests) it may help people to create offers that value their work and knowledge & skill required to create the work & show the buyers the value of the work and why they are paying xyz amount and why it is justified.

People are just going to make up figures here. I could tell you my biggest orders was 42,000$ and you wouldn’t know if it was true or not but my inbox would need a nice burial plot.