The BONUS Conspiracy


Anyone else dealing with this sellers that practically force you to give them a 5 star rating by promising BONUS Material, that is actually better then the original Material?? Can this guys be reported or do you guys see that as a legit way of making money (some kind of marketing trick as I see no?)

Great to hear your opinions



Hi there!

If they’re delivering what you ordered (ignoring any bonuses), then they’ve done their job.

Can’t see why you’d report somebody for giving you extra - so long as the main gig’s been done well, then everything else surely is that - a bonus!


Dear Retosto:

I refer you to this article posted on Fiverr Academy, that of course, every single Seller on Fiverr has read and committed to memory:

Don’t you love that feeling when you purchase something from a store and receive something extra, that you didn’t expect? It could be a big discount on your next purchase, a free gift or just the amazing after service you received.

I take it that in your case, the Sellers with whom you are working are using the lagniappe as more a bargaining chip for a better Review. I don’t believe that’s how the author of the article meant for his or her advice to be taken.

Many Sellers are simply reacting to the incentives that Fiverr has put in place via the Levels System:

The fact that Fiverr is changing the way Reviews are handled implies that they will make appropriate adjustments to the way Levels are handled, as well.

Hopefully your experience will improve over time.

Good luck,


I would absolutely report it. Sellers are not allowed to bribe clients in order to receive a good rating.

Edit: As soon as you read a message asking you to leave a 5 star review in order to get a bonus … it should raise red flags!


Well, “reported” here is maybe a bit harsh but NO, it is in my eyes not correct, cause the gig might be delivered, lets say you are ok with it…not good…then they offer you a bonus that is so cool that you tell yourself ok, so if I get this BONUS maybe then I could just look over the fact that the basic gig was BS…

the end of the story is that not even the bonus really kills it=was good…

But i understand what you are saying…


on top of that:

Delivering what I ordered is not certainly a 5 star rating…thats why its a rating, you maybe get what was described in the gig but not to your satisfaction. Thats when you write your opinion about this gig and how well it has served you…thats what a review is or do I see that wrong? Is a review just a DELIVERED / NOT_DELIVERED question?



Sorry - I misunderstood - I thought they were sending you a bonus just to be nice.

Any form of ‘feedback extortion’ as described by Fiverr is wrong, and of course should be reported.

In terms of the level of review, that’s completely up to you - you’re the buyer and you score it as you see it.


Some sellers are desperate for 5 stars and will say and do anything to get it. Yes, some might give you a bonus, but why take chances? You’re only protected when the time clock is clicking, when the order is active. Once you give me 5 stars and I reply your review, you can’t ask for a revision or a refund, and whatever bonus the seller promised you could be forgotten, ignored, or denied.