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The bot detection is awful

Access to This Page Has Been Blocked.
For some reason, we think you are a bot.
This may have happened because:
JavaScript is disabled or not running properly on your machine.
Your browsing behaviour is not likely to be that of a regular user.

I get this probably 20 times per browsing session. It’s getting quite ridiculous.

Google Chrome on OSX
I’m running Ublock Origin and no, I, won’t whitelist this site. If your site requires adblocking disabled and lowering of security to work, your developers are downright incompetent. I don’t have issues anywhere else.


Hello, I have not had this happen to me. I use Chrome on Windows.

Sometimes a simple refresh will fix it.

It’s the add on all right, I use the same one. I couldn’t log in anymore at all lately other than via the ‘forgot my password option’, so I had to white-list. Cash clearing/refresh didn’t help, only turning off the add on did. I turned off all my add ons and then tested by turning them back on individually.
Chrome/Windows here. It was the first time I had to white-list a site, I’m using the add on since quite some time.

That’s odd, that’s never prevented me from using this site at all. Perhaps uBlock Origin works differently in Chrome? That’s not the only one I have running either. The only thing I noticed recently is a minor adjustment I had to make to look at the forum.

@oealias I would guess the message you saw is related to something blocking the third-party behavioral analysis company’s script from running properly, not actual bot detection.

I use noscript on Fiverr, because some script made my computer do a weird noise, almost like someone flips a switch on my motherboard everytime I visit Fiverr. But no more after enabling it. Adblock has been on by default on all sites as well, and haven’t seen issues. And this is on FF.

I had this problem while using adguard adblocker. The problem was that the adblocker messed up my login info, I would get a message saying incorrect password, after a refresh fiverr would ask me to verify my humanity.

Same here.
Windows 8.1, Chrome.
I’ve never met this issue. I’m user since early 2014.
This appeared few minutes ago first time.
Every click on Fiverr turns on this page and I have to click “I’m not a robot” everytime to move forward… Such a pain.
I installed the newest javasript from official page. Also reinstalled Chrome. I don’t want to use other internet browser… But for now I have to use Firefox only for Fiver : /
I have this issue with and WITHOUT adblock as well.

Reported to Support.

I have already reported this issue to Fiverr support team.
All they said it’s because of firefox and asked me to use Google Chrome browser.

You can still login using Firefox if you have gmail account. If you’re using gmail for your Fiverr then click login with google while signing into Fiverr.

Enter your gmail ID & Password, The popup window will close & you’ll be logged in automatically.
This is what I’m doing right now.

I never tried disabling addon. I’m giving it a try now.
I’ll update you here if there are any improvements.
Thank You!

A quick update after disabling my addons -
I finally able to login into my account. I am using following addons.

• uBlock Origin
• AdBlock Plus

I disbaled them both on
Haven’t faced such login issue again.

I really failed to understand why Fiverr want Firefox users to disable these addons for login.
I hope they will fix this issue as quick possible.

Try to deactivate your net connection and reactivate again. Also clear cache and cookies from your browser

I filed a similar bug with them, essentially:

Whatever you’re doing to enforce your password policy isn’t working – tested on Chrome and Firefox.

Once you reset your password, you’re automagically logged in. However, when you logout and try to log back into the site it will not work on either browser. You have to reset your password and get auto-logged-in again for the site to function.

I’ve repeated this test several times now and find that the behavior is consistent. You need to look into this immediately.

Also, your bug categories are limited. This has nothing to do with search.

Additionally, I even tried to truncate my password for all lengths between 8 characters and the actual length (suffering through the awful bot nonsense in the process).

I haven’t tried signing in with Google, but lets face it their login/password mechanism is probably one of the absolute worst I’ve seen for a site with real money transactions functioning behind it.

If I ran into this repeatable problem this week as a new user, and I see this issue from a month ago… suffice to say it doesn’t bode well for the security and functionality of this service.

It’s login/password guys, outsource the whole thing if you can’t manage to replicate a pattern that has existed for decades within web-based platforms.

I’ve tried another test disabling uBlock Origin for the site, and then doing a manual refresh. This seems to work.

However, disabling uBlock Origin and doing the ‘refresh’ from the extension doesn’t seem to refresh it in such a manner that it will work.

This is some seriously stupid gymnastics for a login/password process. If we have to disable an ad blocker to login to your site, that’s criminally incompetent on your part.

Fix it.