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The Bowery Awards

The Bowery Awards is a new competition honoring independent creativity in design, audio, motion video, and short film. As a leading marketplace for freelance talent, Fiverr is thrilled to collaborate with NYF-Advertising-Awards to help celebrate independent creatives around the world.

Today we are excited to be launching a new category for entry, exclusively for commercial work #madeonfiverr. Our own VP of Brand Marketing and Digital Duncan Bird will be joining the executive jury. Visit to see Duncan’s interview with Executive Jury President, David Sable and learn more about how to enter.

All proceeds from The Bowery Awards will be donated to Feed the Frontlines NYC, a charity donating meals to frontline healthcare workers in NYC.
FIVERR SPECIAL - 1/2 off code for entries use “BOW25D”


I can predict the future.

You will have a LOT of people commenting “This is great opportunity bla bla something” mostly thinking that commenting nicely on everything you exhale is going to give them some magical boost on Fiverr and then to realize the cold shower: $50 per entry HA!

For the lazy:


Well, should be $25 with the code, and it says

“All proceeds will be donated to Feed The Front Lines NYC”,

“all proceeds” would include the entry fees, or?
If so, you can donate (and probably deduct it from your income tax as donation or advertising costs), and at the same time get a chance to win an award, might be interesting for some people. If I was a New Yorker and/or in the relevant niche, I’d probably consider it; if I didn’t win, it would still be a donation and no big loss. If perhaps mostly sellers from NYC (because of the donatee) and only those who want to pay/donate (?) the entry fee take part, chances of winning might not even be so bad.

I’d agree that the wording is a bit off, “competition honoring …” doesn’t really sound like something you need to pay to take part in, maybe that should be made clear right away, and not just in the end through the “1/2 off code for entries”, by calling it “charity competition” or something (but I’d call your wording a bit off too, so I may not be a good meter, to me maybe most wording seems off ;)).

About the future, my prediction is that like 90-100% of the people who only comment because they think it gives them some magical boost, won’t click the link anyway, as they usually don’t read the posts they comment on, so I don’t think there will be many realizations and "Eek, the water is cold!"s.

However, good luck to any forum participants who don’t mind cold showers and will enter the competition!


Huh, this is interesting.
Is there any way to see the rules without creating an account first?

Edit: found the Entry Guide:
…but I can’t find the terms and conditions for signing up. Or for the contest.

Um, you missed commas:

Marketing and Digital, Duncan Bird, will be


Yep. Every course and blog post Fiverr puts up has those.

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I agree. This doesn’t attract the cream of the crop and perpetuates things that make Fiverr sellers in general look bad.

We have a terrible reputation because what you described is how like thousands of Fiverr sellers behave online.


Hmm, Never heard of this award before. :face_with_monocle:

$50 per entry
FIVERR SPECIAL - 1/2 off code for entries use “BOW25D”
A single entry includes:
One piece or execution of work. Additionally, you may enter one piece of supplemental supporting material, such as a case video or case board.

The Admission price is steep but it says. :arrow_down:

All proceeds will be donated to Feed The Front Lines NYC.

Which is a good cause. However, I truly hope every dime goes to these people. I have so much love and respect for frontline workers. Not only do they need food but more PPE as well.


Um, Mila, cold showers :shower: are no bueno (not good) lol. :grimacing:

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I heard cold showers are good to increase/raise your metabolism…


As Zeus says, cold showers are supposed to be very healthy. Living in an old house with sometimes unreliable shower, I have to agree they aren’t pleasant, though.


I often take cold showers. They are great! Fantastic for motivation and getting started on your day. :wink:

Also, they make you less likely to stay in the shower for too long, so you can even save on your water bill and decrease your carbon footprint!


If anyone was thinking about this… the deadline for entry was extended out to Oct 2nd.

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heard cold showers are good to increase/raise your metabolism… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :kissing_closed_eyes: