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The bug that will make you lose more than you earned from order chargebacks!

Hey everyone!

I am reporting a bug that just happens more and more often (at least for me). A couple of months ago, a buyer filed a chargeback against me. From 1 single order that was canceled, I lost about 2x times more money than usual. Thankfully, CS did a great job with an investigation and refunded me for technical issues. And I am pretty sure I had a few of these situations happened to me before, but I did not really take any action against it, just previously took enough proof of it happening.

Today I woke up and saw one of the weirdest things I have ever seen on Fiverr (See the image below).
Screenshot 2020-11-27 092659_LI

As you can see, it shows that the buyer canceled 4 orders by a chargeback, even though I only had 2 orders with them.

It does show, however, that I was compensated 4 times, which is false. How can I get compensated 4 times for 2 orders? That’s impossible, obviously. Instead, I was only compensated 1 time from one of these both canceled orders (I only got 1 email regarding cancelation and a refund).

Where did these 3 compensations gone? So, what happened is, I was charged 4x times from these orders, only got 1 compensation, which makes it 3 times cancelations, so from 2 canceled orders I made a negative number, not even $0. And I most likely lost between -$100-$150. If it was a usual cancelation, I wouldn’t have earned anything nor lost anything. In this case, I lost more than I earned.

I found out that from total cancelations, the Fiverr system added 3 extra canceled orders. Nonsense, right? :slight_smile:

Yes, I already contacted CS and hope they can solve this issue once again.

Just wanted to mention this if you ever experienced this because it’s been happening to me for quite some time.


I recently had similar kind of experience!
Where your 2 cancelled orders shows you 4 charge back I am in different situation where I am getting more money !! :smiley: ( Not without work of course but more orders…)

I recently shared custom offer to one of my old client and he accepted offer and filled up requirements…I was never notified for the order after he accepted…

Later next day saw I got order and he did not submitted requirements so I went to order page and choose option that says I have everything to start the order ( because we already discussed everything previous day ), Now after accepting order I immediately saw 2 orders from him on my dashboard…one that has requirements and one that I accepted :smiley:

I messaged him about this and asked to check if he was charged twice, and He was !

So ultimately he accepted my custom offer twice :smiley: that is technically not possible but still happened !


Yep, it happened to me a few times too, but not through custom offers - from normal orders. For some reason, Buyer places order, fills the requirements, the order timer starts. After about an hour, they place a second order and they don’t even notice. I assume they somehow refresh the page and Fiverr double-charges them too. Then they notice just weeks after orders are delivered. Fiverr must fix this immediately. It’s such a pain to see anything like this to happen from time to time :frowning: