The bulk buyer is a scam! Watch out sellers!


Anyone buys 10 or more gigs and claiming after they bought them that their business partner no longer agrees to use you…isa scam! They ask you to return the money minus a portion for your troubles to their. PayPal account AFTER the gigs are completed in the collection process…so you think you have the money but you don’t!!! During Fiverr trying to collect they realize that the PayPal account is fake and then they can’t deliver the money to you…but alas you have sent them a refund that did go through!!! Watch out for these people. Not everyone who buys is like this, but when I said you will have to wait two weeks before I can consider that…their membership is gone. Just wanted everyone to know…peace


Have you informed Customer Service?


I have always had this doubt about bulk buyers who don’t make me feel good


That’s incorrect. I did not do any of that. I cancelled the gigs and made sure to inform customer service. But I thought it was important others know their scam in case they contact other sellers…


Thank you. Will be careful.