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The Burning Shame of Idiocy


Revision request just now.

“Hi, do you have any other way I can download…I dont want to buy anything, just to download …her email is ???@???.com”

Shall I worry about the TOS violation… or the non-existent but stringent feedback policy.


Twinkletoe Fiverr lovers may post about how they love Fiverr here–I will not censor it. Because I’m not a blind twinkletoes censorship machine. I love Fiverr because it helps me explore the many diverse forms of humanity that exist, and sometimes they really do **** me up good–mmm.

Or something. I’m posting this because I now have no faith in CS to support me with this. Fiverr, sort this out instead of coffee-eating ads and follow through with something other than diarrhea and sycophants.

You see, I know that this is a TOS violation, but I also know it is not a feedback violation. SO WHAT DO I DO FIVERR. I’m FACKED ANYWAY!

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I did start writing to CS but I realized it was enriched pointlessness.

This is a violation of TOS. Not feedback policy. I don’t know what that is. It’s not written down. For anyone.

Well, ****. If that wasn’t automatically censored, I don’t apologize.

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This guy also threatened me the other day.

But I guess I’ll just take it on the chin.


Wow, I just received a message from a buyer who want to see me without shades. Can you believe that.
I still suggest to contact CS with screenshots, so if he threatens you with bad review, they will ban him, at least I hope.


Didn’t you ask why he ordered if he want free stuff.


The free stuff only came after I delivered, dear.

Prior to that this moron lost track of the time. Whatever. This shall be test 2 of the stupid TOS/feedback policy.


I don’t even need to try to make this chap look like an idiot. But the point is, I could well get a 1-star review that nothing can be done about despite multiple TOS violations because the unknown feedback violations have been unviolated.

My morale? If you find it, please point it back to me as I miss it.


Judging by the title, before even clicking on the thread, I had this feeling it was Emmaki that created the thread. That’s BTW.

Lotta “funny” buyers everywhere :joy:


Definitely contact CS. Even if it does seem pointless.
If enough of us do once we are in the same situation, change is bound to happen.


Why does he want another way to download?

Tell him you can’t send anything to an email address.


Who are being enabled. I have the screenshots to prove all of this and more, you know.

@wordandrecord that’s bullshit and you know it. This screenshot was posted on the we luv fiverr post twice, and it has been removed twice.

The situation doesn’t matter. Where TTM might not have evidence, I have a direct quote from a CS Lead. One that makes me sigh with eternal frustration because I know, (look at my last 1-star review) that no matter how I handle this, my best bet is cancellation.

Let me say this again: Fiverr now has no written policy for how to handle feedback. The TOS does not count. As CS has no policy, they are useless, and will recommend cancellation. They will put the decision onto you (this bit is fair, I guess… except for the no having the feedback policy in the TOS and OMG).

I’m not writing back to this dumbass or CS until tomorrow when I’m calm again. That’s just smart…this post, not so much, but… eh. fackit.


I’ve bumped all my prices up to $20 for a reason. It is EXCLUSIVELY cheap buyers who create this amount of stress and this level of problems for me. I cannot and do not want to deal with morons with airy barns for brains.


You know there has been cases like these and CS did sorted them out.
My suggestion is that you should contact CS with all the proof so they can block this buyer.
If not for yourself do it for others so they nay not have to face that experience


Oh, my sweet summer child. I’m not looking for crap advice, but thanks.

It’s crap advice, because you ain’t read the post. I am angry about a non-existent policy. I know that makes no sense. That’s why I’m pissed. That’s why your advice sucks big time.

CS has sorted many things out–but right now, it has do do what its told, and the policy makes no sense, and because we’re all suckling on the teat, there’s not much willingness to moan. Just to cheer, clap and block. You didn’t even read that screenshot did you?

Take your advice home with you and use it to make a fire, it’ll be more useful that way.


What he is now saying? Is he quiet or still bombarding your inbox with stupid stuff?
Raising price was a good idea. If someone wants a quality stuff from a TRS, then they should be flexible enough to your prices.


You seem angry. Maybe some counselling? a beer?

Beer is cheaper.


Emma is not.


why would I drink Emma? she is too big to fit in my beer mug.


I’m not responding to this at all until tomorrow. I have at least 2 horrible violations to expose in Imgur so I’m not exactly worries. This is only sensible, as I still have beef with CS about my last review, and I want to know EXACTLY how this will turn out pre-review.

I’m not doing that now. I’ll do that tomorrow. I wasted Weds on this–I’ll waste Sat on this to.

What I won’t do is clap like a seal about how wonderful Fiverr is. You know who you are. Fiverr sucks. Google “Fiverr”. There you go. It’s on us users to force it to be better. Don’t want to? Fwickoff then.


That one star review is already almost buried and is overshadowed by the raves of the newer reviews.