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Hi there,

92 pdf file and each file have more than 33 x 4 entries

finally, it was more than 3000 entries and not possible for me to work in $5 and within one day.

Please help me what to do,

I raise modify order with increase price and days, but buyer is not respond… similarly i also raise the complaint to CS, but my clock is running,

Thank you,


Send the buyer the amount of work you would do as described in your 5 Dollar gig and tell them if they want it all completed, they need to accept the order modification.


You would have to wait if you don’t want to cancel the order.

In all honesty, it’s your own fault. I am a buyer and it’s exhausting when sellers misrepresent what they actually offer and there are tons of sellers who describe what they offer and then renegade on it. You should have a clear list exactly what each price categories involve.

Please read i have already done but buyer not respond

sorry for that but buyer is new and joined today i think (show july), it was more than 3000 row x 4 column data entry is not possible in $5 @ 1 day.

So you delivered the work you needed to do for 5 Dollar and the order page says

“This order will be marked as complete in 3 days.” ?


It will any effect , on my gig, and i raise the resolution for modify the order, so deliver option is not showing me, until the buyer respond on my resolution (buyer is not respond presently)

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buyers and sellers both should be flexible and listen each other words and give favour to each other, if possible

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Raise your price for the next time so you don’t get caught in this mess again.

Also, be sure you can actually deliver what your Gig says you are capable of doing.

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It has been over a 7 months so I think she resolved this (I hope).

@remlond I do not know her GIG and description, but I can share what happened to me.

I have a business overlays package set and custom overlays GIG. I clearly state all over and in my brief, I do not cater to gamers and I do not work with violent things. And at my day job I am sea survival instructor.
The buyer makes an order and sends me a video of him killing and shooting people on a merchant ship. I was so sick that day after seeing that video and realizing such games exist. Thankfully CS canceled my order.
Two days later another order, Basic package. My basic package is 15$ and covers either 1 completely custom overlay or 3 per template (my own templates so still custom but faster for me to create).
He paid for rush delivery (24 hours) made an order at 10PM (and I clearly state I work daytime) and listed he want overly with logo, icons, banners etc. (premium package).
If you check my client’s brief in my portfolio you will see that all is there, all the guidelines.

So I have 24h to deliver premium service paid under basic service price, and I will not be in office for next 10 hours, and at that moment he will be sleeping and his morning will be 22 hours from the order starting time. So only 2 hours to get him to send me the actual brief.

I never had cancelations before these two.

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Yes i understand because i try to it.