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The buyer agreed that the information provided is accurate and complete

On the order pages it says “The buyer agreed that the information provided is accurate and complete.

However, sometimes people do not provide accurate or complete details. If that happens, does Fiverr take seller’s side or buyer’s if something went wrong with the order due to that? If buyer’s (As usually), what is the point of a buyer having to agree in the first place if they can provide incorrect information?

Anyone have experiences with that? :thinking:

Edit: I did also ask support who’s at fault, but the question was ignored.

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No it’s not right.
At time of any dispute, Customer support makes decision on actuall documented things.

What’s written is complete.
If you said I will deliver ABC, customer agreed and ordered and bave not wrote in requirements that he needs ABC and D, then you do not liable to deliver D.

But if customer wrote he needs ABC and D, and you do not offer D then do not work just because you got order and your gig was clear.
If you work means you agreed for D even if not mentioned in GIG.

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Let me get this clear, you mean you asked support “If the buyer does not provide enough information in the order requirements, who is at fault” and they said it’s the seller? If in the order requirements of your gig, you have given clear things you need to start a job then I highly doubt support told you something like that.

Yes,Fiverr takes buyers side.


Yes, basically. I reported a suspicious buyer that didn’t provide accurate information, despite the order page saying the buyer agreed that it’s accurate. And I also asked why is it falsely stating that it’s accurate when it is not, and who is at fault, but all I received was copy pasta about a different topic and the whole question and report was ignored. The ticket was then closed instantly. So it is indeed the sellers who have to deal with abusive buyers :angry::-1:

My question is did support tell you that it’s your fault if the buyer does not provide all the information required to start the job?
Also what did the copy paste they sent actually say.
When you found out some information was missing, did you use the resolution or did you go straight to support?

Fiverr usually taking buyer side. A seller doing fraud with me, I worked him and he is not accepting the order to deliver. He want the work free and CS team is not helping me. They said “that they can’t force the buyer to accept order”. :slight_smile:

I am in same situation.
Here’s my situation If I sold Coffee maker, shall I make the coffee for you life time?

But I am happy if they are not forcing them to accept, they are neither allowing them to cancel and get work for free.