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The buyer asking for refund After 15days!

Hi, So a buyer orders a Gig and didn’t told me that he want the voiceover in British and then When I deliver the video he didn’t respond and order marked as complete automatically

And then after few days(About 5days) He messages me that- “do you do british accent” I said you should have told me earlier

And then Today He said- “I NEED REFUND” and then I said him that I will do british version for him at no cost but still he just asking for refund.

What should I do?



If the client wants a refund, you can’t do anything about it. If you contact Fiverr CS, this is the best solution for you

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You don’t agree to refund, as you have done the work - and… you don’t do anything for free, if the request is outside the scope of the original order specifications.


Kindly contact CS and politely explain what’s happening. He:

  • was absent for multiple days and let the order autocomplete.
  • “apparently” didn’t properly fill in the requirements the first time.
  • is trying to cancel the order for something which should have been agreed upon initially.

At this point he’s just trying to scam you by playing dumb, don’t let him get away and decline any cancellation requests.


You may contact CS and tell them the whole story. sometimes support cancels the order but do compensate the seller too

Ask him for a reply refund!

I just checked that Fiverr refunded the money even though There is not my mistake

He got the Refund by CS.

That’s appalling and definitely wrong. Sadly I don’t know if pressing CS will give you anything even if you’re in the right. I suggest that you open a new thread detailing this.

Otherwise, try to at least find if he is using your content (maybe on his site or channel), and take it down through Fiverr since his rights to use your work have lapsed as he has cancelled the order:

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Is the buyer’s profile still on fiverr, if you search it?

I think 15 days later is a bit much.

I would suggest sending the Buyer a Custom Order (at a reduced rate) as you are actually looking at a new order here.

The first order closed.

Now this late request should be viewed as a new order.

Anyway, that’s what I would do.

Why would the op want to work with someone who has already forced a cancellation and refund without communicating a revision to the seller within a reasonable period of time? Best walk away from this one I say before you invest your money in a British voice over as well as more of your time.

only block him, 15 days to much time to ask for refund

Buyer is wrong, you have done the job, you’re not gonna work for free just block him and go next, It’s a real lame behavior.