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The buyer asking for refund after the successful completion of the job after 2 months


I am in a serious situation. A buyer who has placed the order 2 months ago (August) and out of the blue is now asking and pressuring me to refund. The job is completed successfully 2 months ago and the buyer left good reviews on the job then. According to her, the job has not gone well and said that there were errors and for that reason, I should have to refund the payment.

I explained to her my point of views and said that I have done the job with full integrity with dedication as it was a big project in volume. I worked hard on the job which took me more than a week to complete it. I also asked her to send me the details where I have missed the job and where are the errors. She refused to share the details/proofs of errors. I also offered that if there were any errors, I will revise it and rew work on the job as it has exceeded the revision period. But she refused to provide anything and only asking for a refund.

I think it’s not fair at all. I have worked very hard and asking for a refund after 2 months of the timeline is not something acceptable. She also slightly threatened me to complain about it to Fiverr by asking for a refund.

I am at a loss of what to do. Please suggest.

You can not give the buyer a refund. Only CS can. I would not communicate any more with them and block them.


She had two months to do this so my opinion is that you do not need to give her a refund. I think you should notify customer support about this telling them briefly that the job was done well by you, and you got a good review at the time, and two months have gone by and you do not want to give her a refund. This will let them know your position on this.

I would continue to talk to her explaining patiently each time that you did the job well and cannot give her a refund. Keep repeating this over and over if you need to but keep answering. Ask customer support if you need to continue to respond to her each time she messages you.


Say no.


I would let her know that she’s mixing you up with another seller. You have the proof that she was happy with your work. Wish her well and good luck with her other sellers.


Lol just ignore them


Buyer isn’t sounding genuine. You have done your part well by offering him to revise it and asking him to point where you have gone wrong. Just ignore and move on.