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The buyer asks for revision after the delivery time is over so i get a lower on-time delivery score


its not fair because i am forced to deliver after the delivery time as they ask for revision. ive had some buyers who keep requesting revisions which means that i delivery a week over the delivery time. I end up loosing out on my level 1 chance. Is there a way to prevent/fix this? thanks!


Delivering a revision has no effect on your delivery score if you made your initial delivery before the order timer was due.

The only thing that works against your on-time delivery score is delivering the first delivery, using the ‘deliver now’ button after the order clock has stopped.


thanks, that clears it up! I think It was because come buyers wouldn’t request revisions so i would have to click the ‘deliver now’ button for the second time.


No problem - good luck! :slightly_smiling_face: