The buyer came back on the 3rd day of delivery?HELP?


so here s the situation the buyer came back after 2,3 days of delivery and said my work was unacceptable.(buyer was online yesterday and the othe day but didnt respond to my delivery)
I did exactly the same as it was explained in the task.
But he gave me new guidelines now to work with now.
I dont know how to deal with this? i cant redesign the entire project again.
and it was a 90 USD work not a small project.
I wanted explanation but he isn’t replying again its been 9 hours and countdown says its late.

I dont know what to do :confused:
Even if i start doing the project again the buyer didn’t give me enough guidelines to work with just an image.


Click on ‘deliver’ again, and in the text box explain how ordering/revisions work.
It depends on what you initially offered in terms of revisions + how you set up the buyer requirements section.

Did you set up buyer requirements for the gig? If you did, and he did not send you the guidelines on the order page, or is sending you different ones after the delivery—it’s his problem and not yours.

If you’re in the right in terms of what was agreed on in terms of revisions—again not your problem.

If he leaves a bad review, I wouldn’t worry about that.

But . . . He might request a refund (even in a few months from now). From what you wrote about him, he seems irresponsible and flaky or trying to get free work from you. I assume that even if you redesign the project, he still won’t want to pay and/or he will not be satisfied with the revision.

I suggest that if you didn’t do anything wrong, do not continue working with him + do not spend the $90 til the funds have gone through and there is no longer an option of a chargeback.


I’m sorry for the situation you are in, it really sucks.
There is really one question you should answer in order to take this decision: do you have the time and energy to deal with this buyer from here on.
I’ve cancelled orders for buyers like that and it’s not pleasant, because you’ve worked a lot for it. But at the same time, I have a lot of other orders coming and in, a lot of return clients that need fast deliveries etc. and so it’s just not worth it wasting my time and creative energy with *****.
On the other hand, if you’re still in the beginning, if you don’t get a lot of orders and technically could spend a bit more time on this order, just be nice and try your best. When buyers are angry, they usually expect you to become angry too. And buyers often get angry because they are not sure if they can count on you for delivering what they need. But if you counter that with understanding attitude, saying you are sorry you misunderstood and that you’ll work on the order until they buyer’s happy; and then if you just ask a few more specific questions (many sellers ask “What do you want?”, instead you should ask “Which color doesn’t work for you” or “Would you like this to look more professional? More friendly?”, you know what I mean) and say something like "In order for me to deliver what you need, I will need you to be more responsive.
Unfortunately, if you do deliver again, there’s always the chance that the client is still unhappy and leaves you a bad review. So you have to ask yourself if you can risk that too.

Good luck with this decision!



In the future, I suggest breaking down a large order into smaller ones—when it’s a new buyer you haven’t worked with previously.


Thankyou so much for taking out time to help me out :slight_smile:
It really frustrating ,as it is very hard to develop your focus on the previous work again

I am gonna try to satisfy the buyer by doing it again lets see how it goes.


Thankyou for this tip. I will for sure apply this next time


Keep us posted :slight_smile: (20 characters)


SO i send the buyer again modified work with 6 new patterns. (still he didnt responded)
after hours he replied that my work is still far from his expectations.
He didnt like the single thing about my work.
Nobody every gave me a bad review.
I guess he is just being an *******…
Still want modified work
What should i do now? i am more then pissed off


Well at this stage I would suggest that you redeliver the already done work and wait for three days to elapse. The buyer might give you a bad review yes but your efforts so far will have been rewarded. I would only cancel at this stage if my success rate is at 91% or if the order is a mere $5. All the best


Turn the needy client into a repeat customer that will pay more for the amount of service that they require. Instead of getting upset, If I deliver a great experience, The next project will be at a higher rate. I have had many repeat customers pay 2 to 3 times the normal rate because they loved the product and the service. They weren’t overcharged. They were charged an estimate of the time involved.

It is difficult to take our emotions out of it. You need to understand exactly what the customer needs to be satisfied. If it is too abstract, you may not be able to clearly understand what that is. Then you should offer a refund.

“I understand that you are not satisfied with my work. I do not clearly understand the specific changes that you require to make this delivery acceptable. Thank you for your time and for allowing me to work on your project. This mutual cancellation will return funds to your Fiverr account so that you can find a provider that will more closely match your needs.”

Kindness, Kindness, Kindness.

Continue to tighten up your description so that you can refer back to what you provide and don’t provide.

Cancellations of this type should only happen 1 in 200-300 orders. To me, it is more about disrupting the clients workflow. I have sat on their order for 3 days and they may possibly be behind now.

I have also delivered $150.00 orders, that will take $450.00 more revisions to make the customer happy. If I can, I will. If they are asking for more than what my gig clearly covers, I will message them about it.

Like someone said before, An $80.00 refund may be a better deal for you than spending $200.00 more working on it. Even after that, they could still cancel.

In a perfect world, we should never start a job where we don’t clearly see what “finished” looks like.


Thankyou for showing me the other side . I will keep this in mind :slight_smile:


@nidart have a chat with customer care hope that you will get help


At this point I would cancel, but tell him he can’t use anything of what I have delivered, since he’s not paying for it.
It’s best to just let go and focus on the other clients that I am sure are coming or will come. It just isn’t worth it being emotionally stuck to that situation for $90. Does your peace of mind cost $90?
I think cancel and let go. In a few days it will be forgotten. :slight_smile: but that’s my opinion, of course.



Sorry to hear that, I’d been in your shoes. Sucks to have that happen when a buyer aren’t providing concrete feedback other than “it’s not what i had in mind…”.

Would suggest to let go, to avoid investing additional time in.



well if you haven’t done anything wrong and now the buyer wont even reply to you i would say u need to show him that you don’t work under him/her (not literally) . Just deliver your work again and tell the buyer how things work in your turf