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The buyer canceled the order 40 days after he received the delivery and accepted the order without any complaints!

Hello, guys.
How it possible that the buyer canceled the order 40 days after he received the delivery and accepted the order without any complaints???
No one asked me if I agree to cancel or not! Just sent a notification and debited the money !!! Are you all out of your mind there? Have you ever heard something about the act of acceptance? We provide services, but do not sell goods !!! All over the world, the service is considered to be provided in full after the buyer has confirmed that he has accepted it. The buyer has time to check and accept the service - 3 days !!! After this period, there can be no questions !!!
Today after 40 !!! 40 !!! 40 !!! DAYS you took my money.
Did I give someone a lifetime guarantee ??? I did not do anything like this, I did not promise. So who gave you the right to decide for me ???
I have to delete my account from these scammers, and I’ll also make a video review and rank it to the 1st place by the keyword “fiverr”

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Look for posts about Paypal Chargebacks and you will see that this does happen sometimes - in any business. Contact Support and show that the work was done as described and they may compensate you.
I’d avoid the threats though, nobody will pay any attention to that type of thing when you are dealing with a company valued at well over half a billion dollars.


It happens to all of us and anyone who does business on the internet. It’s normal. Fiverr reimburses us as long as there was the order delivered as described.

This is a very normal and not uncommon situation in any business.

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Hello, I’m sorry this happened to you…it shouldn’t but sometimes it does

It sounds like this was a chargeback, so it isn’t really Fiverr’s fault, and from more recent posts it seems Fiverr is actually fighting back chargebacks when proved the seller has delivered what was agreed, so you may want to open a ticked with Customer Support.

It goes without saying when dealing with Customer Support you should refrain from using that tone and specially calling them scammers, or threatening them.

your money is not with Fiverr, the fault is definitely not from Fiverr’s Customer Support agents, so be kind to them.

If, however, you made up your mind about leaving then I wish you good luck. I’m sure you won’t have any problems getting work as being able to rank 1st place for such a competitive keyword is a highly desirable skill.

If you pull that off Fiverr may actually hire you themselves…I know I would.

In all seriousness though…cool down and get in touch with support. Good luck!


Thanks for reply!
Yes, I know, this happens in any business, but this is a risk zone for Fiverr themselves.
He acts as an operator and guarantor and takes their commission for it! So they must take the corresponding risks.
I can’t manage the fraud department, the fiverr is doing this, which means they have to take on this responsibility !!!

Fiverr loses nothing and we sellers lose nothing. Paypal reimburses fiverr and fiverr reimburses us when it happens. No reason to blow up over it.

So contact support and show them you did the work as described.

What does it mean, the seller does not lose anything?
We lose time and expenses for the provision of services.

As long as you delivered as your gig described you will get the money back. Check your earnings page. It will be back into your account. Or if it is not then contact customer support.

I already wrote to support, but they are silent.
So far, they just took $ 350 from me and returned nothing.
More precisely, they took part, and the rest of the money I owe them !!
That is, I will now work for free. fine)))

Did you let them know exactly how you feel about this in no uncertain terms? :rage:

It can take 24 hours for them to respond in general - the department that looks after this can take longer again. If someone did a fraudulent chargeback then it will be sorted out usually but expecting it to happen quickly is just unrealistic and not helping you at all. This might help you to read through although keep in mind that Fiverr has improved a lot in how they handle chargebacks since I wrote this.