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The buyer canceled the order and money was returned to him, I did everyhing right what he told me to :(


Hello I am Anish
about a week ago a buyer posted a request that he needed an animated explainer video for his school
I wasted like $70 for that project including fiverr cuts.
It was $230 project.
I did all the revisions upto his satisfaction
in the end he canceled the order and money was returned to him :frowning_face:
My sister has a cancer I was happy that it will help a little in her treatment
but now it’s gone with my $70 as well
:frowning: When I goto his conversation it says " *************** may not be contacted at this time."
his fiverr name is *************** :frowning:
and when try to visit his account through messages it takes me to fiverr home saying “The user account you are looking for is no longer available.”
I already told everyone in my home that I will give $200 this month for her treatment I have nothing left to say now :frowning:
I had some money is my fiverr account he took them away too :’(
Can anyone help me with this please :’(

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Hi, Anish!

Ugh! That’s awful, so sorry this happened to you.

It sounds like the buyer did a chargeback via PayPal. When chargebacks happen Fiverr bans the person’s account. Contact Customer Support! Express everything you’ve written here.


I am sorry to hear about your situation. Been there, but it looks like you were scammed. The guy probably closed his account or got banned for some reason. Whatever it is, he took your money and the finished product. You can contact support , but refunds are initiated via PayPal, so the buyer got his money that way.

I’d advice that you spend some time contemplating an alternative option. Tell you family that things are not going as expected. They might say, "Oh, we told you that it’s online work and there’s no credibility and the fraud ratio is high and blah blah. "

But let me re assure you that i got scammed out of $500 and even though it shook my entire month’s schedule, i kept looking for other clients. I wish you all the best.