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“the buyer cancelled this order and funds were returned to their balance”

Hi, its the second time i have this issue this month :frowning:
I dont know if fiveer have a bug or what happend, Firts canceled order send me a e mail and then a refund , today i check my earnings and find and other canceled order but the client accepted and give me a 5 star review so ? this was on Feb 08, 20. Now same client ask me for another order, everything is fine at conversation, and also when she received the work was fine with it.
This could be a fiverr bug.
What should i do ? Complete the order and espect cancelation again, or ask the buyer about it ?
Did some one have the same issue and resolution on this ?
Thanks in advance !

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Block that client, never work with them again. Not worth the risk.


Dear you can discuss with fiverr support team for best suggestion.

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How, sending an e mail ?

Hmmm … this is a buyer that seems to be doing chargebacks through Paypal. They accept the order and then tell PP to cancel the payment.

Fortunately - silver lining! - this has happened so often that Fiverr and PP have come to an arrangement about chargebacks. When someone makes a chargeback, you immediately get a refund and the buyer is charged anyway.

This particular buyer doesn’t seem to have noticed.

But … it’s good advice to block him anyway …

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find the link & go to the bottom… there u will find the “contact us”

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