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The buyer cancelled this order and funds were returned to their balance

Hello. Just a few days before, i noticed that an order that i have finished and deliver on time shows on the Revenues with red color -260$ and the message: THE BUYER CANCELLED THIS ORDER AND FUNDS WERE RETURNED TO THEIR BALANCE. I dont know what happened. I work hard all week to deliver this job and i havent paid. I ask Fiverr support also but they havent answer me 4 days now. Does anyone knows what happened? I saw this also in a second order i had. Thanks in advance.


I’m so sorry this hapened to you. Try leaving a message on Fiverr FB page, tell them you have an issue and your email hasn’t be replied to.

Same here. I got -30$ i worked whole afternoon for that one…

The main problem is that there is no explanation or anything they just deducted the funds from my account and nothing…

There should be some policy to protect sellers not just the buyers, this was a client I worked with 40 days ago.

Did someone got any info on this kind of cases?


The buyer did a chargeback. Unfortunately there is no solution to this.
Buyer who take a chargeback gets their account suspended and support has no control over such chargebacks


It’s a charge back. I also have faced this almost 3 times. And one of my order was charged back after 3 months of delivery with five star rating. If you don’t know what is charge back here what it is.

Hasnain :dizzy: