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The buyer ceased communication!

My buyer told me to halt work on their order until they found a different approach to what I needed to deliver. Then, they didn’t get back to me, and it caused me to be late on submitting the order! It’s a big order requiring a lot more work. Should I finish the order? Should I deliver what I have? They are completely unresponsive, and I think they are hoping that I cancel the order. But I heard that disrupts my standing with Fiverr.


You could ask them for a delivery extension, but they might not reply to it and the order will probably still be classed as late anyway if and when you deliver it if it’s already gone late, though if they accept it it could stop the automatic 1 star review if they later decide to cancel.

Late deliveries and cancellations will both affect your stats and probably ranking.


Do you feel like you have enough information to finish the order without another update from the buyer? I would deliver a completed project, with a note that says, “Please note you have three days to update this order with a request for revision for your new approach.”

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It’s sad to know how cancellation and late delivery affects the fiverr seller. Me and my client have it in a nice talk. Does it still get me a 1 star?

Now I know why I didn’t even received rate the buyer.

This is very helpful. Thank you!