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The buyer changes their requirements to the opposite after receiving the finished work

Hello there!
At first, the buyer wanted to get a slower cover version of a well-known song (the backing track for the song), this was definitely and accurately written in his first text message to me. In addition to his text request, the customer sent a recording of his voice (singing), which also sounded much slower than the original. I made this backing track and sent him the finished work. After listening to her work, the buyer radically changed his desire and wrote that he wanted to get a new cover version faster than the original. He asked me to do a completely new job as part of the “revision”, although he immediately stated in the correspondence an error in his original wording. I believe that the concept of “revision” may include correcting work that has already been done, and not creating a new one according to new requirements. Especially considering his own mistake. I decided that his NEW wish fell under the concept of: “The buyer requested additional work, which wasn’t in the scope of the original order.” As a result of the correspondence, I offered the buyer a compromise. This consists in the fact that I undertake to make a second version of the work for him according to his new, opposite original wishes for an additional payment of half the original cost. But the buyer refuses.
What should I do in this situation? What do I have the right to do in this situation? I want to draw your attention to the fact that I have no rejections and all reviews are 5 stars, and the buyer has this order for the first time on Fiverr. The order is still 4 days away from completion.


Hi @savoy_music, just to clarify, the buyer accepts the backing track and just needs the track to be sped up instead? If so, why not just alter the tempo automatically? I assume the tempo change isn’t so significant that it will alter the quality of the backing track?

Thanks for the answer!
The buyer wanted to initially wanted a cover in the style of “slow jazz”, and then changed the direction to the type of “rock and roll”, that is, completely, conceptually, that’s the thing!


Ah yeah, in that case it is considered a complete overhaul and you have the right to demand payment as the error was on Buyer’s side. If Buyer insisted, you can try contacting Customer Service to mediate - though I must warn you that they can take awhile to come back to you and may urge you to settle disputes among yourselves.

P.S. To protect yourself going forward, you can add an FAQ on what constitutes a revision on your gig page. This way, Buyer will not be able to find a loophole.


FAQ - Good idea, thanks!

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The rest of the story:
I didn’t get a response in time from the support service. And I did the work for the buyer, without getting his consent for a fair additional payment (I emphasize: he admitted his mistake about the task he originally set incorrectly in the correspondence). Then I made and showed him the second job (in accordance with his completely different, new requirements) and the new second job completely satisfied him, then the buyer agreed to make an additional payment of half the cost of the work and accepted my delivery. He gave 5 stars for the work itself, but gave 3 stars for communicating with me, although it was thanks to my patient communication with him, my explanations, and a large number of necessary information that I provided to him in messages, that he was able to understand and formulate what he wants. That is, I spent my professionalism on a young, inexperienced person, on a buyer without a rating on Fiverr, delivered him a job that completely satisfied him, and in response received an underestimation of my rating! Where is the justice! It seems to me that it is incorrect that a buyer without a rating, without experience, without reviews can give an underestimated rating to the seller, if the seller has all the other ratings only 5 stars! Otherwise, so, if desired, you can specify, through fictitious accounts, lower the ratings of competitors and so it is not fair to sellers of services at all. What do you say?


ironically, it would have been easy for the buyer to commission a psychic

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I almost became this ekstrasensom with this seller :))


I would agree that a tempo increase would of speeded up the song to another tempo.

However a change in musical style is another story and a NEW request.

It would be like saying I want you to make me a Austin MINI, then asking you to change to a Ford Mustang. And saying sorry I made a mistake in my order.

You could offer a compromise, however would be at your discretion.

I always get a full confirmation of what is expected and delivery of such things…

Best of luck, you are quite right!

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Thank you for support.
By the way, it is normal that the FIverr support service can respond for so long, already the seventh day there is no response?


Would definitely depend on the support availability, remember quite a few people are now working remotely and perhaps there not so staffed.

I would DM them if possible or email them, not sure if there is a chat function.
Ir hit them on social media, there’s normally a good and quick response.

I wouldn’t worry to much about your star rating, as its you general feed baxk that matters and the work you do!


Thanks, Yes, but as the Russian proverb says: “Meet by clothes, and see off by mind”, that is, we, salespeople, are chosen including by “stars” at least to click and view the portfolio…

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Oops sorry, I have been busy with work. Hope everything is resolved by now.