The buyer didn't provide required material


Hello. I am new on fiverr and couple of days ago I have created my first gig. In the first day one buyer interested in my gig and ordered it. The problem that he is not provided me a required material. I have send him a message with my requirements but still I didn’t received any answer from him. It’s only one day left until the order must be finished and still I don’t have any material to work with. Please tell me What can I do in this situation? After the time will end and the customer didn’t received his order can he leave a negative feedback? Thank you for help.


Thank you for your answer. I have revived an answer from the customer and we are continuing to work together.


do Mutual cancellation using resolution center


keep contacting your buyer untill you reach them, sometimes even if time runs out & they contact you back, you can get the info you need and finish the gig. If you never hear back, dont deliver anything & just suggest mitual cancelation. It is extremely rare not to hear back if youre trying to reach them often.