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The buyer does not want to payment me

I was did job properly, and I was showing how my work was going, Then you said it was good. when i complete all work and deliver, buyer told refund payment me , i said if you have any revision, i will solve it, please give me details .


Hi Olivia,
If you have done all your work nicely and you think there is no any shortcoming due to which the buyer can object to your service, you can seek help from Fiverr’s Customer Support. Put this issue before them, they will better see who is at fault and decide accordingly.
Remember, not all buyers are equally professional to value the seller’s work which he/she does with hard labor spending his precious time.
But no worries, fiverr will make a better decision.


I hope you are fine!
I have seen your seller profile that looks very bad ratings. You should provide quality service, unlimited revisions, and after-sales support. If you think the buyer’s going to provide negative feedback at that time the seller should cancel the order. If you have done a perfect job then you should dispute it to the resolution center.
Money is nothing without a top reputation for quality service.

Nice to meet you and have a great day!

NB: Bellow 3 rated profiles are kicked out of the marketplace.


Better you can seek help from fiver’s customer support :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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so sad incident. Why he is denying to accept the work?

Uploading: render .png… Uploading: fynal 1design.jpg… Uploading: 8888.png… Uploading: house 1.jpg… Uploading: rendering ss.png…

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I completed 7 house 2d floor plan and 3d floor plan ,3d exterior design rendering

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(You need to hide your buyer’s username, per the forum rules.)

Fiverr ToS copy/paste:

Gigs are required to have an appropriate Gig image related to the service offered. An option to upload two additional Gig images are available to all Sellers. Sellers must deliver the same quality of service as shown on their Gig images. Recurring deliveries that don’t match the quality shown on the Gig images may lead to the Seller’s account losing Seller status or becoming permanently disabled.

Your renders do not match your gig images in quality.

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Olivia Contact With fiverr Support Team They will Help you In a Better Way, Because you are worked so Amazing

I am afraid I must agree with @imagination7413. There is a significant difference between all of your gig images and the renders you show above.

You may see them as amazing, however Fiverr TOS say they must match her gig images. If you look at her gigs you will see they do not.

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you can seek help from fiver’s customer support :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have to say I’m surprised you’re still getting orders even with all those reviews from buyers who have had bad experiences. Good luck!

wow. Amazing house. You did a great job.

At least you drew something for the buyer. But, he should have asked for revision instead of refusing to pay.

“unlimited revisions, and after-sales support.”
ahahahah, this is really funny)). Can she also pay extra to customers for making orders?))))

I’ve looked at the pictures that you showed, and it just looks great. As written above - contact CS with this question and do not agree to cancellation of the order or a refund, since apparently the work was done. I wish you good luck and success in your future projects !.

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