The buyer doesn't give me the requirements


I have an order for which the buyer has not completed the requirements. I told him twice to do that but I did not get any answers.
It’s a custom offer. Does the buyer pay the price as soon as he click on “accept offer” or when he send the requirements?
I can’t understand why he doesn’t give me the requirements if he has already paid.


He pays when he clicks on “accept offer”.

How long has it been since he purchased the offer?

Did you chat with him first and does he comprehend English?

If you messaged him twice try it a few more times. Then all you can do is wait.


There is a button when you create the offer that allows you to make the requirements mandatory. If you make use of it, the time starts ticking at the moment when he gives you the requirements. I always use this with new clients.


He is french and we only spoke in french. No problem of communication between him and me…

I have seen many time on this forum that some sellers have very old orders without requirements. I don’t understand how buyers can waste their money…

I will wait and send him a new message in a few days.


I made the requirements mandatory with this button.
I use it for nealy all my clients except when they send me a complete description or their file before placing the order.


Most of the time mine do that if it’s only a $5 order. Maybe they are drunk and forget they ordered it.


This one is not a $5 order. More than $150.


This is common for new clients most of the time they will reply and when they do just send an order time extension of the wasted time and work on it :slight_smile:
Good luck


The worst thing is if you want to use Available Now, you should have less than 5 active gig. These kind of gigs are counted as active.

You should cancel these gig in order to use Available Now but it will effects your cancellation rate.

Sellers never know what should to do.

Is not that a bug? There is 2 choice and 2 of them agains to seller.


Then they will probably be back to start it eventually.


I have some that were started well over a year ago that are just sitting there. I ping them once to remind them, then let them sit. I don’t want the cancellations.


I’ve been pinging about 30 of them for years but they must be deceased.
It’s nice for fiverr to keep the entire amount they spent.