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The buyer doesn't respond to my time extension request after asking for a revision

Hi, there. :slight_smile:

So, one week ago, I received the first order from this client. I delivered on time, but she asked for a revision right away, only to say that everything is perfect and that she changed whatever she didn’t like.
Yesterday, she did the same. She asked for a revision, and I literally had one hour to deliver it, but I have life. I wasn’t able to get home and do it in one hour. Thus, she said I should just remove two words from the headlines and make the introduction sound more like she wrote it. As I don’t know her style of writing, I asked for a time extension, and she didn’t respond yet.
There are 3 hours left until the request automatically closes. Meanwhile, I edited the article on my own, but I don’t know what happens if I withdraw the request. Will my delivery still be marked as late?

I honestly don’t understand why Fiverr gives us only a few hours for a revision. Besides, some buyers ask for a revision to take their time and read the article, only to decide nothing requires editing.

Just relax your mind, It won’t be counted as late delivery because it was under revision and not that you delivered late

So long as you delivered the original order on time, which you did, then you can relax a little.

From memory, when a client requests a revision that pushes the next delivery past the original deadline - you will see the word LATE in big red letters against the order, but this doesn’t count towards your late delivery stat.

Fiverr only takes into account whether your original delivery was late or not. I understand why you’re worried - but on this occasion, you can chill.

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Thank you. I will chill.

Thanks for answering.