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The Buyer Experience :-)


Hi :slight_smile:

When I first joined Fiverr my intention was to be a seller. But since my GIGs are still new, I thought… why not have a look around this new world?.. And what did I find?.. AWESOME!!! (many use this word here)… Hundreds of fantastic-extraordinary or… just too-good-to-be-true GIGs… I couldn’t resist buying some. For only 5 dollars such amazing work-service-art or whatever you can imagine done for you?.. Often in less than 24 hours!!!..

Friends, as buyers on Fiverr we are Kings and Queens! So just buy-buy-buy! At least make your own collections for future use. But don’t wait too long. Nothing lasts for ever. Opportunities fly. This lucky state we are in now is so precious but not permanent!


You are absolutely right!!


Reply to @matt_garry:

True. Your music GIGs for instance, one would pay much more in the market for that. By the way… you’ve got very sweet cats :slight_smile:


Reply to @thuyta:

Yes, for instance I just discovered your GIGs. Very nice! Collected :slight_smile:


Reply to @oldbittygrandma:

also your GIGS oldbittygrandma are so fantastic! Unique pranks, perfect funny gifts for anyone that can take loads of humor :-)… Just by watching your videos on here Fiverr or You Tube it makes my day!


Very true. The assortment and quality of things you can buy on fiverr is enormous!


I also wonder how long this will last a lot of people are raising prices it is only a matter of time before some of the good gigs become fair prices rather than steals


Reply to @happyspace: thank you if only all my costumers thought this way I always get low balled on my musical gigs… and you’re laughter loops are awesome great idea for a gig:D

and yes my kitties are like crazy cute my secret weapon when it comes to my tip jar hahahaa


If fiverr would be a state it would be a democratic one, and i… a very happy citizen :stuck_out_tongue: