The buyer forgot to send the details, but already started the clock


What happens when my buyer responded after he has purchased the Gig, but he forgot to send the details and the files I should work with. Actually he sent only one question, which started the clock. The time is already ticking and he is not responsive. What should I do in this case? I don’t want a cancellation already into my status, right after my second order. Should I send the same nothing back when the time out and complete the order, or better, contact with Fiverr support and cancel the order?



Message the Buyer immediately and ask for what you need. It may just be an oversight on his part, or maybe he thinks he has time to gather what you need and is planning to send it later. Communicate with the Buyer. Good luck!


I had customers do that, just try to repetitively tell them to reply back and they need to give you the requirements. eventually they will either cancel or continue ordering.


I wrote him about four times since the beginning, but I got no response And my 3 days long counter is now at 1 days 10 hours. What happens when the counter expires? Or should I request a mutal cancel via resolution center (However if I have to guess that will be a cancel on my stat, something what I don’t want.).


Give him as much time as you reasonably can to provide you with the necessary files. You’ve done everything you can do by communicating and requesting what you need from the buyer. Once the ticker hits the point where you just simply don’t have enough time to deliver before the deadline, I would request a mutual cancellation. The buyer may understand if you were to deliver late, but I wouldn’t want the order to run into late status. When an order is late, the buyer has the option of canceling and marking your gig with negative feedback (“seller failed to deliver on time”). You definitely don’t want that to happen.


I get this relative frequently :frowning: I just send an initial message to jog the memory about sending a script. Then I send another three chasing. If I haven’t had a script and I only have a couple of hours left to deliver the gig, then I request a mutual cancellation and just say “Feel free to place another gig order when you have your script all ready to go!”


Exactly what @nickih said. If the buyer is unresponsive, work with what they gave you, even if it isn’t much. Deliver that, along with a message that you will redo it if they provide the necessary information. It works every time


Thanks for the answers. Unfortunately I can’t work with it as I haven’t received anything at all, so I already put a mutual cancellation request onto that order. I just hope that the guy is okay as he was responsive previously as I worked with him before.



Sometimes Buyers get busy, forget, or don’t care. We have to use whatever is under our control to work through it.

Sometimes Buyers are pushy and stubborn and there is little we can do.

Sometimes Buyers respond and for whatever reason, we don’t see their response. So triple check the order and your inbox for any messages.

Good luck!