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The Buyer Gift That Gives Back To You


Hello to all you hardworking Fiverr sellers out there! I have a useful tip for you today. How about providing your buyers with an extra, listed and unlisted, for free? Let me elaborate. Buyers are already into what you are selling. They are just as excited about receiving the work as you are about them choosing you to do the work. Give them a little extra something to talk about by surprising them with an extra you’ve got listed on your Fiverr for free or by doing a little something extra that you don’t have listed. For instance, when I record jingles and a buyer pays for a 45 sec jingle I’ll sometimes add in the extra for a 1:30 jingle, or I may record a video of me recording their jingle and send it to them via my youtube page not only has this increased my sales but it has also prompted most buyers to either pay for another gig altogether or pay for the extra that I added for free out of sheer gratitude of me over delivering on their gig. I always try to show interest in what they are doing. I make the buyers gig important to me like it’s important to my buyer. Always be courteous and understanding and COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY TO ANY RELATIONSHIP! Well I hope you find this useful and I hope it helps you connect with more people and form new lasting business relationships with your buyers.


Yup. I do that. I don’t offer any extra’s but I do spell casting for my repeat buyers that are good to me or buyers that just need that extra boost to help with something in their lives. I deliver my gig and then at the bottom I write 'As a bonus, I will cast a ______ spell for you, free of charge, if you would like!"


I usually add a little something in with my orders, such as a free matching headband or crochet pin. With my earrings gig, I often throw in another pair … why not? I already have the hook out, it doesn’t use that much thread and they really appreciate it.